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Zip code: 841000

position: Bazhou is located east longitude 82 ° 38#39;-93 ° 45 #39;, north latitude and 35 ° 38#39;-43 ° 36#39; between. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the southeast. East Gansu, Qinghai; rely upon the Kunlun Mountains and Southern Tibet phase grounding; West even Hotan, Aksu region; Tianshan Mountains to the north for the sector and the Ili, Tacheng and Changji and Urumqi, Turpan, Hami and other places, state and municipal connected.

Area: total area of 482,700 square kilometers.

Population: 1 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxia Korla City and Yanqi, and static, and large, Bo Lake, round of Taiwan, Wei Li, Ruoqiang, Qiemo County, 8.

Bayingolin referred to Bazhou is China#39;s largest regional Autonomous Prefecture, the first Chinese state堪称.

in the Bayingolin Mongolian, which means "beautiful rich around the valley," the vast region, the disparity between the height difference (nearly 70,000 meters), a gift from nature In addition, the history of allegiance love, formed a broad Bayingolin, magical, unique and diverse natural and human landscape. If we do not feel that it is difficult to imagine this piece of land of the natural landscape of the total of such great differences, China#39;s largest desert - the Taklimakan Desert sand waves ups and downs, rolling a thousand miles of high-quality mountain pastures Wenmingzhongwai Bayinbuluke grassland hills Embracing, water plants Fengmei; China#39;s largest inland fresh water lake - Bibowanqing Bosten Lake, the desert is堪称water park; Bayinbuluke Swan Lake flocks of swans flying in the water days between the stunning beauty; full of mysterious Lop Nur desert is a miracle and Ya; Aerjinshan Nature Reserve in the Qifeng Xueling, a sand dune lake with the Department, the scenery singular; like a wild horse Tuojiang the Tarim River, the Pentium roar of a river, green with the quiet Kongquehe Fuwo meandering in the vast land of Bazhou. Tianshan Linhai lush green, beautiful scene; desert hero tree - the Tarim P. euphratica branches Posuo, posture variety. Lakes, desert, grasslands, mountains, Bingfeng and numerous sites of historical relics……

Bayingolin is also full of vicissitudes in the history of one picture, two ancient Silk Road and South Africa From here, after all, 36 of the Western Regions in the early Han Dynasty, there is 11 countries. Came Zhang Qian mission flying over the banner of the Western Regions, had left immediately Hengdao Ban Chao Xiong Zi and the arduous trek Tangseng West learn from the footprints. Sleeping in the desert for a thousand years of the ancient city of Loulan, Haitou sites, and other remains of the Han and Tang Dynasties, to tell the people of the ancient Silk Road and explore the rise and fall; solemn Man-Han Palace and momentum spectacular Huang Temple in reminding people not to forget Wo Baxi In the East Shuaizhong the feat.

the vast and varied landscape of Bayingolin extensive resources, products rich. Yanqi-old well-known, famous Chinese and foreign Korla Pear, the Tarim Oilfield prospects are bright. Exposure to the vast grassland in the event that Damu, was sitting next campfire to listen to the beautiful-sounding concert Jiang Siegel, at this time can fully feel the Bayingolin colorful ethnic customs.