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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Audrey  Date: 08-14 2008  More Attractions
Bayannaoer City is located in the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the western frontier, East and adjacent to Baotou City, adjacent to the West and the Alxa League, Wuhai the south, at the sea from the Yellow River and Yikezhaomeng. Yinshan Mountain and the junction of the north of Mongolia.
Bayannaoer unique tourism resources in the city, the magnificent three Shenggong the Yellow River Water Conservancy Project, every summer, tourists come around, the shuttle boats in the river, flood land under the gate on the Yangsan even as a flavor Selling snacks in. Its vast size and long history of the world#39;s attention by the Qin and Han Dynasty Great Wall, the world-famous and ancient rock paintings of Yinshan Mountain, a hundred years of the church, the red - Jack Temple, Hung Tung Yang, the three Shenggong Yellow River Iron Bridge. "Natural Park" reputation of the great Cheng, back, from Yamaguchi to the hinterland, about 20 kilometers Road, Fenghuiluzhuan, beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, water Chan Chan. Cheng Pui boarded the top, Dunjue days Heights width, delightful; Gangcheng Baotou panoramic view; nine such as the Yellow River such as silk be< Mingan Chuan Cangmang vast, Woyeqianli; Cheng Pui foreground, mountains Yong Chui, wins mountain range stacked嶂, Everywhere Qingdai.
乌拉特前旗is located in the Ukrainian-beam sea, lake silver Long Ying, Shuitianyise, Mangyeong the air, shimmering Haomiao. Every spring and summer when Chuochao shade, water and Pucao complement each other, making the other more beautiful blue sky and Bibo, Liang Su-Ping Wu Yi in the situation, see the United States-in. Le proud of the desert hinterland of Sun Lake, three small lakes such as Lake Resort have hundreds, whenever the summer approaching, the contention of five, Dang Yang Lu Bo, the two sides endless Wu Late vast desert, cattle and sheep flocks, Pastoral sound, Mongolian nomadic groups scenes, people spoilt for choice, nostalgia in time.
fertile land resources, to a large number of famous specialty products. Sunflower of Quebec - Loop sunflower, China ugly pear - Loop apple-pear, quality of the film - Loop Black Seeds, high-quality goods melon - Loop watermelon, melon Tianxiadiyi - Loop Migua, nourishing Jiapin - Loop wolfberry, the king of Chinese medicine -- Licorice, Snow White - Langshan Cashmere goats, camels rare species - the Gobi than-red camel, the main roads of vegetables - cabbage Loop.
Ming Fung, Chaoyang, and the Friends of sound. Beautiful natural scenery, but also a real treat with the product, with the hospitality of Bayannaoer UNITA 1.8 million people of all ethnic groups warmly welcome you to sightseeing.