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BaNanQu - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Arianna  Date: 08-27 2008  More Attractions
Banan District of Chongqing is located in the suburbs, rich tourism resources, mountains, water, forests, springs, holes, lake, river, river, waterfall, Valley, and other types of many. Relics, famous Xiushui, Cuican dazzling. Nanwenquan to the famous scenic spot as the center, extends to the surrounding development, has developed a South Lake, Jiangjialiang cave group, the East Hot Springs, Qiao Ping Shan tourist resort, Sheng Deng Forest Park, I Dam Bridge Spa Resort, cloud Zhuan Forest tourism resort, and other scenic areas. Banan District development of the tourism industry is the general idea: a prominent centre, the building of two Link, the three major types of tourism development zone. "One center" refers to the development of hot springs resort south of the center, "Link 2" refers to the south of Hot Springs as the center, to extend the development of East and West, respectively, from south to Hot Springs - South Lake - Jiangjialiang cave - East Hot Springs -- -- Qiao Ping and Southern Spa - South Lake - Shengdeng Hill - I Dam Bridge - the eight-Zhuan mountain tourist areas such as the formation of the things travel pattern of double-Link, "the three major types of tourism zone" means Nanwenquan , Hot Springs and East Bridge dam mouth of a hot spring spa resort, Ping Shan-chiao from the tourist areas, Shengdeng Mountain Forest Park and a cottage Zhuan cloud forest tourism resort, as the center of the Nanhu Lake Resort. Banan District of tourism development goal is to build Chongqing into the outskirts of short-range tourism, the tourism and economic development as the region#39;s pillar industries. Banan District rich cultural heritage, has a long history and old times. Banan District, the predecessor of the Palestinian history of the county town. As early as the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago, the Palestinian people in this proliferation of interest-bearing, founded Capital. Home Bajun the Qin Dynasty, the Southern Dynasties-generation home Dianjiang County, Northern Zhou, County and renamed Pakistan to follow in 1995. 1995 approved by the State Council dismantling County District built. Historically, Pakistan has emerged in the "left-brain is not lost Cuntu" Man of the heroes of the Palestinian General, "the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the pawn" Zou Rong, Yang Cang Revolution of 1911, Chester White, of New China#39;s first women ambassadors Ding Xuesong, and other outstanding sons and daughters. Banan District of obvious advantages, beautiful landscape. 7 km from downtown Chongqing, a city resident from the 21 km. Yangtze River running through habitat areas, Li Jiatuo Coriaria River and the Yangtze River Bridge in two north-south communication, the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway, Expressway on the sector and will soon begin the Second Ring Expressway Zonghengjiaocuo Chongqing, optical fiber communications, mobile communications and cable television networks covering the entire region, power , Running water, adequate infrastructure such as natural gas well. The region#39;s forest cover over 25 percent, to the "mountains, water, park, forest, holes" as the representative of the very rich tourism resources, "China#39;s outstanding tourist city", four hot springs Chongqing Banan exclusive Second, namely: Nanwenquan, East Hot Springs, in particular, has been called the "natural Sauna" reputation as a hot-spring of East Asia is a must; "small East Sichuan Emei" Shan Sheng Deng as the "treasure trove of plant genes," Chiao Ping Shan, cloud Zhuan Shan ancient battlefield relics vaguely discernible. Nothing temporary