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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jonathan  Date: 08-14 2008  More Attractions
Macao peninsula was originally an island, due to the upper reaches of the Xijiang River alluvial silt into a north-south direction of Shadi, the island became one connected with the mainland peninsula. Before the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the northern peninsula of "Mong Ha", "Mong Ha" Southern says, "Ho-" This is because this area of shallow sea water, oyster-rich, many names are called "oyster" and this peninsula There are two north and south of the southern Gulf, "such as a round-regulation", it said that Macao is "Ho mirror." According to the Qing Dynasty and the India-Zhang Rulin book of "Macao Ji Strategy," set: "Ho (Ho)-the name of the history of tomorrow, May 6, East and West, North and South…… half a second North-South Bay, berthing. Or we can say that the Second North-South Bay, such as the round mirror, Gu Yue Ho (Ho) mirror. "Aston Some scholars feel that" Ho "word Taisu, easy," Ho "as" ho ", also known as" Ho mirror. "