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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isaac  Date: 07-23 2008  
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position: in the South China Sea west of the coast of the Pearl River estuary from the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and the road around the island consists of three parts, north and the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone in Guangdong Province linked to the West across the Lotus Bridge and the Hengqin Island in Zhuhai City the same , East and across the sea from Hong Kong, only 60 kilometers apart around.

administrative divisions: the Macao region, including the Macao Peninsula and Taipa and Coloane Island two Administrative directly governed by the Macao government, only for the islands of Macao City Hall and City Hall management of the peninsula and islands were the Urban Services. Peninsula is divided into five areas, there is no district administrations, the only geographical division, the district named to the region, the church (which is actually the original Catholic parish). Five areas are: Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Wang Tak parish, lobby area, the wind-parish

Area: 27.3 square kilometers

population: about 500,000

peoples: mainly Chinese, Portuguese and other foreigners account for about 5%

languages: Chinese, Portuguese (official languages), English

religions: Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism

currency: MOP, the yuan, HK

international code: 853

landscape: junior#39;s Church and Matsu Club is a landmark building, but also will go to Macau attractions. 澳门地图

Macau (macau) is the culture of East and West after 400 years of run-product of today, many of the landmarks of Macao, Chinese and foreign buildings and neighborhoods Lanes, have become the solidification of the culture, dissemination of the unique charm of the atmosphere, a few hundred years after Macao to witness the storm. Macao#39;s prosperity lots concentrated in the vicinity of City Hall, St. Paul#39;s Church of the Church has become a symbol of Macao.

Macao#39;s revenue comes mainly from the gambling industry, tourism and port transit trade and transportation. General visitors to Macau will travel to the major casinos throughout the SAR to trying her hand. In Macau, from the Jockey Club has developed into a gambling culture and forms of entertainment, in addition, there are many of the Macao Casino, dog racing betting market, and other entertainment venues to attract tourists with Nanlaibeiwang.

"high silver medal in the Department of City Gate East, even millions of Yi Zhi." Known to the gaming industry in Macao, the Las Vegas with the United States and Morocco and Mongolia Carlo said the world#39;s three major Las Vegas, had been crown as "Oriental Las Vegas." Betting promote the tourism industry, it has also become one of the pillars of Macao#39;s four major economic and major source of foreign exchange.

Macao#39;s gaming industry mainly Gambling, running dogs, Happy Valley, pigeons votes (lottery), revenues are substantial. Macao#39;s casino in Las Vegas with the United States than Atlantic City, although its buildings, facilities and level are relatively less busy, but here are some of the gamblers bet is the staggering, usually in a few cases Gambling on the platform of the casino gamble for half of total revenue.

because of Macao#39;s unique geographical location and historical background, Macao is a deep cultural connotation of the traditional Chinese culture and to Portugal for a culture of the Western cultural coexistence of parallel culture, is a Chinese culture to Lord, compatible with the Portuguese cultural diversity of color inclusive culture.

Macao was once a religious and cultural center, both Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and other ancient Chinese religion, but also after the introduction of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and other religions, religious and cultural diversity And in Macao has been fully demonstrated, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Taoism, Matsu here have reservations. If junior#39;s Church of the East-West fusion of the best of construction, East and West is a masterpiece of religious mutual tolerance.

Macao is a beautiful place, like Garden City. Macao#39;s beauty makes it a tourist attraction. Macao has 450,000 residents, but each of tourists to Macao to the total of over 800 million people. Macao#39;s beautiful natural scenery and unique human landscape to attract a different colour, different faces of the people.

Macao Peninsula small, the terrain ups. Guia Hill, Xiwang Yangshan, Persimmon Hill, Lin Mineyama, screws Hill, Green Island mountain, look different, Macao has become famous scenic points. Persimmon Hill had been turned into Fort Aopu, converted from in 1616, built a solid stone wall, like the European castles, magnificent momentum, it is still more doors Gubao, the board view, overlooking the Australian landscape.

Macao#39;s construction, something the Senate mixed, Qianzibaitai, Chinese courtyard of the Mansion, there are Western洋楼; Ming and Qing of the temple, there are quaint European-style church. Now Qiyuxuanang added a lot of the modern high-rise buildings, ancient and modern construction of housing, are all in place, unique atmosphere.

as the outlying islands of Taipa and Coloane islands, the relatively slow development of the past, but with the Macau-Taipa Bridge, the Friendship Bridge Road, Taipa and continuity of the highway completed, the two outlying islands in recent years Lively up. In particular, Taipa Island, the new building stands, not only international airport, more universities, hotels, racetrack and colored houses.

Road roundabout wild Qingyou, Tianchou cottages distribution throughout, with pastoral scenery and rural areas Yequ.
in recent years, the authorities concerned in the Taipa and Coloane opened up a further act of mountains along the trail and the trip will not only exercise, but also enjoy the scenery Road, Taipa, is delightful, Macao residents and tourists a good outing, Good place.

Macao scenic, peaceful environment, rich tourism resources available for residents and tourists visit, the leisure to many. 1992, Macau eight Societies launched jointly selected from Macao 43 selected tourist attractions in a "sea-Changhong", "Ma Zi Yan" and "three Palestinian shrines," "Universal Relief Xun You," " Lighthouse Songtao, "" Cottage Garden-Exploration, "" Long Yun, Central Portugal, "" Heishatalang "the" eight scenic spots in Macao ", widely referred to promote tourism and attract more tourists.

there are some very unique attractions, attracting many tourists from Mu Ming, a lovely night as more people outside of cities in Europe.