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Code: 0372

Zip code: 455000

position: in the northern part of Henan Province, northern Hebei and Shanxi provinces of the junction.

Area: 7,413 square kilometers

Population: 5187000

divisions: administered Northern District Commissioner, Wenfeng,铁西areas, suburbs, Anyang County, Tang Yinxian, Huaxian Country, Neihuang Xian, in Linzhou city.

Anyang City of Henan Province in the northern part of China, is located in Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan provinces and interchanges. She West by the Taihang Mountains, east of North China Plain, originate in the Taihang Mountains Dong Lu Yuan a water flow from the urban areas. On the earth, Anyang in longitude 113 ° 37 #39;to 114 ° 58#39;, latitude 35 ° 12 #39;and 36 ° 22#39; between the area of 7354.11 square kilometers, with Japan in Tokyo, Yokohama and the United States in San Francisco, Los Angeles is very similar latitude .


Anyang is a north temperate continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, ample sunshine and rainfall concentrated and pleasant weather. Annual average temperature Anyang photos 13.6 ℃, the mean pressure 1001.5 millibars. 606.1 mm rainfall for the whole year. Anyang Anyang County jurisdiction, Tang Yinxian, Neihuang Xian, Huaxian Country, Linzhou five counties (cities) and Wenfeng, North customs,铁西, four suburban districts and a population of 5.18 million. The construction area of 69 square kilometers City, population 740,000. And national heritage conservation units should be relatively distant Yin Ruins, located in the city southeast corner of the area is also high-tech Industrial Development Zone, 24 square kilometers.

about 1300 BC, the Chinese of the Shang Dynasty Wang Pangeng the first 20 countries in this Capital, since the founding of the city of Anyang in 3300 has been the history. China#39;s north-south artery through the Jing-Guang Railroad and 107 across the country, has just discovered on the ancient city of the Shang Dynasty. In China over 3,000 years ago in the pre-Qin era, our ancestors were already here to create a brilliant agricultural economy, built east of the world#39;s top cities.

Anyang is one of China#39;s seven ancient capitals, the state historical and cultural city. Not only here, including Oracle, bronze and urban construction, the Shang culture, but also a large number of people known to the human landscape, such as: two Wanwuqiannian before the hominid cave, the two emperors of ancient times Mausoleum , The birthplace of the Book of Changes in the ancient city, the strength of character Jian#39;an Ye City culture, Ximen Bao Ye rule the ancient river channels, Jingzhong serve the country of Yue Fei#39;s hometown, and so on. Anyang naturally beautiful scene on the South China Sea resort, R Zhenzhu Quan scenic areas and the Taihang scenery, the Chinese and foreign tourists nostalgia in time. A unique movement of air bases, Guifushengong because of the natural topography and won the parachuting, gliding enthusiasts of all ages. Known as the world#39;s "eighth-largest miracle" of the Tianhe Hongqi Canal, but also a rare tourist landscape. Anyang City of Henan Province in the northern part of China, is located in Shandong Province, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan Province, adjacent to the four provinces. From the viewpoint of Chinese territory, it is living in the center of.

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its reliance towering dangerous West Taihang Mountains. China#39;s Taihang Mountains is one of the few north-south one of the mountains. 800 in line so mysterious and beautiful, it hidden numerous ancient magical story. Lu origin of the Taihang Mountains from an urban area by the river, which is the ancient Oracle has been documented in the Yuan water. Anyang is a longitudinal North-South China#39;s Jing-Guang Railroad Daegan online an important station, from Anyang to the capital city of Beijing, the railway mileage of 508 km. East West is also high in Anyang low. Largely through the urban area to Anyang Jing-Guang Railroad for the sector, the re-stacked嶂Love, undulating hills, belong to the Taihang Mountain Donglu, and the eastern part of the endless plains, is part of the North China Plain. The highest elevation 1,667 meters, the lowest elevation in the east only 50 meters, it is obvious to a ladder.

Anyang is rich in resources, the main mineral coal, iron ore, marble, quartz sand, cement, such as limestone, the main agricultural products are wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, cotton is the main Henan Province Producing areas. Red dates, honey, haw, walnut, renowned at home and abroad.