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Zip code: 110000

position: located in central Liaoning Province, Shenyang Beiju 89 km, 308 km south of Dalian.

Area: total area of 9,252 square kilometers.

Population: 3.4 million population around.

administrative divisions: Xianxia the city, Taiwan County, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County and the East Rail,铁西, Li Shan, Qianshan four City.

Anshan City in Liaoning Province in central China is an important iron and steel production base of "Steel have."

?? conveniently located in Anshan, in the Liaodong Peninsula in the region is opening to the outside world to connect to the forefront of Dalian, Yingkou, Jinzhou, Dandong for the two wings, to Shenyang as its hinterland of the central city of要冲group.


?? Anshan rich in natural resources, urban areas around the iron ore reserves of more than 10 billion tons, accounting for a quarter of the national reserves of the south and south-east zone is enriched magnesite, or about A quarter of the world#39;s total; talc mine is one of China#39;s three major origin, the first reserves in the world; Xiuyan region has been called the "land of jade" reputation, jade is rich in resources, agricultural resources, geothermal resources Also quite rich.

Anshan photos Anshan city, although the building late, but he#39;s very long history. Here has produced a colorful culture, is the birthplace of the ancient times human beings. From the archaeological discoveries of Haicheng Xiaogushan ancient human sites show that in about 2 million years ago, mankind began to multiply at home here. In addition, in Haicheng in Ximu, decorated archway, Tatun, Chagou, Tang Ao, and other places have found a Neolithic Shipeng, stone; Anshan in the old Fort district found that the late Warring States Bronze Ge, such as copper Zu , Further proof, here with the Central Plains, have long umbilical into the ranks of human civilization, a family of the Chinese nation in an integral part. Yuan in the Warring States Period of the Qin and Han dynasties, this Anshan City in most jurisdictions throughout the Liaodong County has been the first county Xiangping County, the county and other jurisdictions. Hai cities throughout the Western Han Dynasty domain of the new county Liaodong County, Liaoning team counties, cities and counties the jurisdiction to. Taian County this domain of the Western Han Dynasty risk Du jurisdiction in the county. Habitat Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County of this domain is also Yan-guo Liaodong County Xiangping County jurisdiction. After 2000 years of renewal, or a county jurisdiction, or belonging to the jurisdiction (such as the Western Jin Dynasty set up the Liaodong States), or which are exempted Road, the road jurisdiction, health exemptions, the House exempted, state jurisdiction, even provincial jurisdiction, county jurisdiction, the building In the phase continued.

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Anshan is very rich in tourism resources, "Pearl of the Northeast," said the Qianshan National Scenic Area, China#39;s largest hot springs rehabilitation center-Kong-Hot Springs, known as the "world Most of the "288 Yufo, Dongshan Town Forest Park, Xiuyan drug Mountain, Haicheng Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area; to Anshan International Hotel, as the representative of a large number of high school can file for the hotel to provide a comfortable leisure tourists Environment; Liu Hai Story apparel market, the Nantai luggage market, Xiuyan Yu market in Anshan City, and all around the major shopping malls, visitors will also saddle to provide an ideal shopping.