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AnQing - AnHui

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Zip code: 246000

position: in the southwest of Anhui Province, the northern shore of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, adjacent to Hubei and Jiangxi provinces.

Area: total area of 15,300 square kilometers

Population: 16 million population

divisions: exempted Jiang Ying, Taikan, three suburban areas and Huaining, Maple Yang, Buried Hill, Taihu Lake, Susong, Wangjiang, Yuexi County, and seven Tongcheng a county-level city.

Anqing in Anhui Province in the southwest, the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, adjacent Hubei, Jiangxi, the Yangtze River in Anqing is the north shore of the famous historical and cultural city by the Han Tang Dynasty Emperor southern tour this for Tang Maple-named after the song. And the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Guo Pu Yi Cheng said here, the other Yicheng said. Shaoxing, the home of the Southern Song Dynasty army Anqing, Shide of Anqing, Jiading 10 years (1760 AD) to in 26 years (1937 AD), to be located in Anhui Province and Anhui Province political, economic and cultural center.


Anqing City, Anhui Province is now the southwest of the city centre, in the mountains, hills and lakes Island Fair each one-third. Since the entire state-northwest to the southeast, the other for the mountains, hills and plains along the Yangtze River; highest point for other large hinterland of the Yuexi Tuo sharp, Anqing along the Yangtze River is a subtropical monsoon and humid climate, four distinct seasons, frost-free period to be 48 days. Agriculture and fisheries account for larger proportion of the famous Yumizhixiang.


Wanjiang Anqing is the development of heavy industry in our province, one of the cities in the Yangtze River port in the top 10 of the fourth, is at the national level, perennial 5,000-ton cargo ship and shipping 000 Tons of oil tankers; Kowloon Railway runs through the territory of five counties (cities), and on the edge of the Kowloon railway, civil aviation Anqing has been opened on the north, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen and other routes. Anqing is now a surface space available, the ease of access for the majority of visitors, tourists provide a great convenience. Anqing complete structure of industry, industrial foundation and a certain scale, petrochemical, textile food, building materials, electronic machinery for the four pillar industries.


Anqing to greater odds of Hope, literary history of the famous essay genre - more than 200 literary rule Tongcheng School; pioneer of the New Culture Movement Chen Duxiu, the originator of Beijing Opera Cheng Changgeng, Zhang returned to novelist Zhang Henshui#39;s, Huang Meixi performing artists Yan Fengying, two bombs fathers Deng Jiaxian, acrobatics Queen#39;s birth this Xiaju Huadu. Anqing is not only repair the long history and splendid culture, but also in the mountains around the Xiushui, the relics. A state-level scenic spots and places of Tianzhu Mountain, the key state of heritage conservation units Xuejiadao Kong cultural sites, Yaoluoping National Nature Reserve, and provincial-level scenic spots 6, 47 provincial heritage conservation units, three provincial-level historical and cultural city Block wealth of natural and human landscape, coupled with excellent geographical location and convenient transport network, Anqing, as an emerging tourist city, there are broad prospects for development. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and rapid development of city tourism.


city tourism reception facilities increasingly improving, the city#39;s existing tourist guesthouses foreign shops. The scenic highways are the same, with the hospitality conditions. Anqing city party committee and government have been included in the municipal tourism development planning, as development planning, economic development as a major strategic one. We welcome people from all circles at home and abroad Anqing tourism, tourism, investment and cooperation.