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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Valeria  Date: 08-20 2008  
Abbreviations: Anhui

position: is located in east China, cross-Yangtze River, Huaihe River valley, is the crossroads of North and South geographical transition zone. From the East China Sea about 300 kilometers, a coastal inland areas. And the neighboring Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, Shandong and other provinces bordering.

Area: 139,400 square kilometers.

Population: 59.86 million

capital: Hefei

divisions: the province set up 17 provincial cities, administered five county-level cities, 56 counties and 45 municipal area. 安徽地图

"two chopsticks Jiazhuo bowl, barrier in the West is also the south, the north-east of injustice Huangshan Mountain is better than nine. "This image of the first folk song summed up the geographical landscape of tourism in Anhui Province. Two rivers (the Yangtze River and Huaihe River) like two chopsticks, such as bowls of Chaohu Lake, west of the Dabie Mountains and south-east of the screen such as the Tianmu Mountain, the north is Yimapingchuan the Jianghuai Great Plains. And the Southern Anhui Huangshan, Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui is the most famous scenic spots.

Anhui Province Jian Qing Emperor Kangxi began in the early years, from the old Anqing, Huizhou, two governments, named after the first word. Anhui to the Yangtze River for the sector, formed a northern Anhui and southern Anhui two Region: Hefei, Suzhou, Huaibei, Bozhou and Fuyang, Huainan and Bengbu, Chuzhou, Chaohu, Anqing, 11 Lu#39;an city in northern Anhui, Huangshan and Chizhou, Tongling, Xuancheng, Wuhu, Ma On Shan City in southern Anhui 6.

Anhui land of beautiful scene in many cultural monuments, is the most abundant tourism resources of China#39;s one of the provinces. The existing five state-level key scenic spots, including Huangshan in Anhui landscape for example, the district Qisong, Guaishi, sea of clouds, hot springs known as the "four no", in 1990 by the United Nations organization UNESCO officially classified as "World Heritage List "As a result, world attention; Jiuhua Mountain is one of China#39;s four major Buddhist mountains, the scenery Qingyou, incense heyday, the existing 78 ancient temples, Buddhist temples and residential areas of southern Anhui unique combination; famous Taoist shrines Qi Yunshan, Cliff stone, Taoism Remains of the Danxia landform unique and eye-catching; Han Wudi has been called "Nanyue" the Tianzhu Mountain, both Xiongqi Lingxiu, 45-, 86 Guaishi, 18 Shengjing waterfall, and so on; Langyashan to Ouyang Song Xiu#39;s "Zui Ong Ting Ji" and Mingyangtianxia it to Maolin, Youdong, Bik Woo, Liu Quan features. In addition to state-level scenic spots, there are also 19 provincial-level scenic spots.

: "Lingbi stone of a singular world, sound like gunmetal Ruyu" This is the rock poet of the Song Dynasty Lingbi Shi sent the heartfelt praise. Lingbi Dan, also known as Qing Shi, produced in Anhui Province Qing Ling Bixian Vista north of Rock Hill. Ling Bishi, to set thin, leakage, permeability, leakage, the ugly one and into shape, color, sound, profiling, in a qualitative and Xiongju four Chinese were the first stone, the highest grade supreme.

Anhui cultural heritage rich and distinctive, Xixian County, Shou County, Bozhou for the state historical and cultural city. Xixian County is the history of the seat of government in Huizhou, Xin#39;an School, Xin#39;an medicine, Xi were carving, Huipai prints, Huipai landscape architecture, Huicai and emblem on the birthplace of drama in this. Concentrated in Xixian County, in the Ming and Qing Yi Xian residential areas, the ancestral hall and Shifang, thousands, through the vicissitudes of life and Gumao still exist, their number as many as the idea of Qiqiao, stone, wood, Zhuandiao of exquisite, the whole country Rare, is a masterpiece of civil construction, as Anhui folk will travel to the Tour. The province there are four provincial-level historical and cultural cities: Anqing, Yi Xian, Tongcheng, Fengyang.