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divisions: administered Altay City, Burqin County, Fuyun County, Fuhai County, Habahe County, Green River County, Ji Munai

Altay Prefecture in northern Xinjiang. Northwest and Russia, Kazakhstan, at the junction of the northeast border with the Mongolian People#39;s Republic of the border line for more than 1,100 kilometers. Total area of 117,000 square kilometers. Altay Mountains north, the south is the Junggar Basin. Topography of the northeast, southwest low. A temperate continental climate of the cold zone.

spring windy, rainy summer, cool autumn, winter cold and long. There are two major Furukawa Wulungu and Irtysh River. Irtysh River is China#39;s only river into the Arctic Ocean, is Wulungu Furukawa inland river. Buluntuohai waters of 100,000 hectares, abounds in more than 10 kinds of fish, known as "the North Yuxiang," said.

"Altay" is a Turkic language, which means "Gold Mountain," because in the mountains of gold reserves named. Altay in ancient China#39;s ethnic minorities, animal husbandry places. According to historical records, the Qin Dynasty, animal husbandry Habitat here in this village by the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province moved to the area of the Cypriot people. 60 BC, the Western Han Dynasty period, here is a Protectorate of the Western Regions jurisdiction. Since then, successive central government set up in this administration. Altay region is administered Altay city (prefecture location), the Green River County, Fuyun County, Fuhai County, Burqin County, Habahe County, Ji Munai County. The entire population of 568,300 people. Mainly Kazak (50.1 per cent in the total population), the Han, Mongolian, Uygur, Hui and other nationalities. Altay is one of China#39;s six major forest areas, the forest area of 476,000 hectares. To known gold-rich, "Altai 72 ditch, Gougou a gold," said. In addition, there are precious stones and rare metals.

Altay mountains and rivers in magnificent scene in a specific style of the natural scenery. Hanasi a major scenic Lake District to protect the natural landscape, Burgenland Heli River Nature Reserve, butterflies and other ditch.

Altay region and adjacent to the three countries, which are six counties and one city border counties, the past few years, has opened Take Ken ports, Ji Munai ports, Hongshanzui ports, including: Ji Munai ports for the country A land crossings, ports of the Russian Hanasi open also on the agenda, our region has now become Quan Jiang and the country has the largest port areas.

Ji Munai ports: Ji Munai in the Altay area in the county for land crossings. With the Republic of Kazakhstan, adjacent to East Kazakhstan, Ji Munai at the history of Xinjiang is the Tongshangkouan, Ji Munai immigration, Ji Munai to the county seat 24 kilometers to 200 kilometers in Altay City, 760 kilometers from Urumqi. Ji Munai from the country to Kazakhstan#39;s vegetarian Sang County, 60 km to the East Kazakhstan state capital about 500 kilometers.

Takeshiken ports: in the Altay region in the Green River County, for road crossings, with Mongolia Hovd Bulgan province adjacent to the county, in July 1989, at the official opening to the outside world, the ports open to the annual 4 On Dec. 15 - 30 Japanese. Immigration from Takeshiken, the county seat to the Green River 90 km to 380 km in Altay, to Urumqi, 570 km from Takeshenken exit to the Mongolian side Bulgan County, 60 km to 270 km Hovd City, is now Green River opened to Bulgan County, the county#39;s international passenger transport buses, two passengers in the port transfer.

Hongshanzui ports: in the Altay region in Fuhai County, for road crossings, with the Mongolian Bayan Ukraine out of the adjacent building, in July 1992 opened, Hongshanzui ports for bilateral seasonally open ports, ports The opening hours for each of the 7,8,9, 1-2, at exit from the Hongshan mouth, the Mongolian side to the ocean at 10 km to 160 km sagsay the county, from the mouth at Hongshan to Altay City, 190 kilometers to Ukraine City, 900 km.