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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Elizabeth  Date: 07-16 2008  More Attractions
Alxa League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the western region. Gansu Province, linking the southwest, southeast adjacent to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, bordering northeast Bayannaoer League, Wuhai City, north of Mongolia and the junction. Total area of 280,000 square kilometers, is the largest area of the League of Inner Mongolia.
into the Alxa to make your exposure to the mysterious, strange, powerful, ancient and Imagine are surprised. Enjoy the desert in the world "three most" (the highest sand dunes, the largest ring for Sand, the most intensive desert lake group) reputation of the Alxa Desert, so you appreciate the vast desert landscape; Mandela mountain rock paintings to represent the broad and intensive , A large number of ancient rock paintings group, so you walk through the galleries in the primitive society; towering Helan Mountain forest landscape, rare Ejin Valley HU Yang, a spectacular Jilantai Salt Lake, so you walked into western China in a unique poetic picture To; one of the world#39;s three major aerospace centre of the east SkyCity, so you like anywhere in the universe between the world-black city, and other historical heritage sites and scenic spots, "the eight Temple", the Buddhist culture, so you Liulianwangfan……
Into the Alxa, people are all amazed the gift of mother earth. Ejin oasis in the southern part of the West Bank in Ejin valley edge of the desert, hiding a mysterious ancient city, which is that Mark