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position: in Aksu Prefecture, located east longitude 78 ° 03 ˊ to 84 ° 07 ˊ, latitude 39 ° 30 ˊ to 42 ° 41 ˊ, south of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the northern margin of the Tarim Basin. Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of the east, south and the Taklimakan Desert in the sea from Hotan, Kashgar region and the south-west connecting Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, north of the Tianshan Mountains to the watershed connected with the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, northwest with the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan Republic of the junction.

Area: total area of 132,500 square kilometers.

population: more than 200 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxia Kuqa, and the new, Xayar, Baicheng, Wensu, Awati, Wushi, Keping eight counties and the city of Aksu.

Aksu River flood plain zone, is a magical and fertile land, which is Aksu. "Aksu" Uyghur word for "white water." Aksu River from the territory due to the flow, so named. Aksu in the south of the Tianshan Mountains and Tianshan Mountains north Khan Tengri, the East look the Tarim River, west of the Kyrgyz border, Nanlin the Tarim Basin.

Aksu area, an ancient Mexican Regardless, the seat of the Wensu, the Han Dynasty to the Protectorate of the Western Regions, the Tang Dynasty are also exempted in Anxi for House, Qiuci Dudu Fu. Is one of the city on the Silk Road, Silk Road is the middle way. After the founding of the Qing Dynasty in Xinjiang, located in Aksu Road. Jiajing in many tourism. A powerful towering Tianshan-I - asked Seoul-wood, an oasis in a Qijing Taklimakan Desert, China#39;s longest inland river - the Tarim River, "a desert-a river" to build a variety of ecological landscape阿克苏奇特. Xuefeng Daoying mountain lake; cattle and sheep flocks of grassland; Yixieqianli the Tarim River, Qianzibaitai, Yizhenyihuan the Yanshuigou Yadandimao; King You Qingnong, the 1000 Millennium flows Leiquan, summer resort nine-chuen, Ki - Chuen, strange trees, Gumuqijue the Gobi demons Tianshan Shenmu City Park; international hunting ground Keyi, tigers Taiwan; recently discovered the authentic culture and tourism Jiajing Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, and so on.

Aksu region is not only beautiful natural scenery, there are considerable ethnic characteristics of the human landscape, 36 of the Western Regions "in ancient Qiuci" in ruins In the Kuqa County, was built in the Jin Dynasty period of China#39;s four famous temple, one of the Kizil Grottoes and the wood Cheonbuldong Tula Cheonbuldong Temple Grottoes groups, such as foreign culture and Chinese traditional culture with a product, A well-known Zhao Hu PCT Dasi, Han Feng Sui, smelting ancient ruins, Islam Kuqa Dasi, and other sites. A long history, splendid culture and nurture the ancient Qiuci Aksu unique music and dance, and other fine arts, as the "land of songs and dances."

Aksu broad flat terrain, deep soil, light and heat rich, is a long history of agricultural areas. Bibowanqing spring, summer and autumn all over gold, fruits and fragrance. Yixi Man Lake, multi-wave reservoirs and reservoir victory, is a habitat for waterfowl. Here abound with fish. Rivers and lakes, channels, forest belt, of the field, are woven together constitute a fascinating scenery, is truly "Yumizhixiang," "fruits of the city."