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Monk Alpine - ChengDe

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Savannah  Date: 08-25 2008

monk in the urban area south of Alpine peaks, seemed Mitral, Gu Ming Monk Alpine. 650 meters above sea level, the relative elevation of 300 meters, because of steep, rugged Guaidan, because of mitral-like, Qingdi Qianlong Title: "Monk Alpine."

Alpine monk for one of the Chengde mountain, near the beautiful scenery, Wulie meandering river from the foothills Nanliu. Chaomu of the summer, the monks Alpine clouds升腾, like light silk gauze, Qingli elegant; after the beginning of winter snow, sunny, the summit if Jiao Ran#39;s Han-yu, do not have a heaven and earth. Alpine boarded the monks, the beautiful mountain city to the eyes.