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Dahua, Lane 700 Red River scenic area - HeChi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Aaron  Date: 08-26 2008
Dahua Red River, Lane 700 scenic spots located in the Pearl River middle reaches of the Hongshui River in Dahua Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi, is a "Hong Kong - Nanning - Guangxi" hub of tourism scenic spots. In the south of Nanning, Baise in the west, the north Kedi cloud sea, you. July 1996, the scenic spots to mountain surprising Shuixiu, Wu Kuang, Tung Peru, Gap insurance, depression You, Pa-Zhuang and Yao ethnic customs, and other unique characteristics of Dahua won the first national scenic area Prize in 1998, was included in Guangxi 10 tourist products.
Dahua Red River, Lane 700 scenic spots scale of the event, many types of tourism resources, according to portfolio characteristics and landscape features integrated into scenic spots, Lane 700, Dahua - Furukawa area, the Yantan Lake area (including the red water River Three Gorges) and the Red River Gorge area odd strange beach. December 1995, from the 19 units of 25 academicians, professors, experts and scholars participating in the "Guangxi Dahua scenic tourism resource protection and development of expert advice" submission, said: "Lane and around 700 Karst is the world#39;s deep depression peak of the most typical regions, with world class natural heritage. "Royal Society of Canada Fellow, the former Chairman of the International Association of caves D, Ford Professor of Dahua Red River - 700, Lane karst landscape Evaluation pointed out: "I think across the Red River Plain, Lane 700, and karst areas as far as I know the inspection is the best tourism……"
251 square kilometers in area, 800-1,000 m above sea level the peak of 5000 Blocks, Qianzibaitai the deep depressions (local-yiu said the phrase "up") over 1300; ancient Yao#39;s cottage, 324 huts in the length and breadth of deep depression. Lowland area is the world#39;s most steep most of the largest, Doo leaching Li Po Valley and is rarely seen by the WHO, the surface of the spectacular karst typical frighten the people, large area, the overall peak Cong deep depression scale of the event, unusual patterns, the level of flu strong, Portfolio wonderful, outstanding strange the United States, the United States and other aesthetic features of a coincidence; underground river and cave complex structure, caused by underground karst development. The area also has a unique human ecological environment. Yao#39;s second-largest branch of Bunu Yao generations living here. National Customs rich. Therefore, the district can become a major national scientific research, popular science education base, but also a scientific expedition, the explorer climbing cliff, Caifeng paint, the National Customs a good place to travel. When you#39;re at an altitude of 700-800 meters on the road, look up to 10,000-punctured Shudao blue sky, looking down at 1,000, Lane see if Taoyuan Youmeng. This is the man and nature, modern and ancient, extraordinary and vulgar people, heaven and earth-cutting beautiful picture. (Visit Tel :0778-5802739 5802808 5803736)