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Changbai-16 - BaiShan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ian  Date: 08-25 2008
Yun-Feng Bai is the main peak of Changbai Mountain, stands on the west side of Tianchi, 2,691 meters above sea level, is the first peak of the northeast, known as "rock layer."
solitary Falcons peak 2,611 meters above sea level, located in the southeast of Tianchi Zixia, three Qifeng between.
crowns, also known as peak-Xuefeng, 2525.8 meters above sea level, from the Tianchi 370.8 meters to peak at the Tianchi Zheng-nan, and excluded peak days, Tianchi across the waterfall. Tianchi-crowned back side of the mainly white pumice. Overlooking the Four Seasons are white, snow-Nanbian; to the side of Tianchi, a lot of snow throughout the year do not. Complex to summer, the peak in the sun shining, snow-Ai Ai. Under the azure backdrop of the Tianchi, particularly witty.
the peak elevation of 2,670 meters, Tianchi in the southeast. West-even the solitary Falcons. 3 Qifeng peak through a hole Tianchi; peak under a lot of colored stones, colorful Guangrun, it is爱不释手, many visitors to pick up this stone for the occasion.
Huagai-also known as Huang Yanfeng, elevation 2,640 meters. Tianchi to peak from the 466 meters, the south-Zixia, from the astronomical peak 350 meters southeast. Pumice from the peak of yellow, Zhuangru emperors of the car Nian Huagai named, also known as Huang Yanfeng.
Jinping peak 2,590 meters above sea level, located in the Tianchi West. Diane Fung Chi-in, the middle of the peak, the east goal of west longitude, the Chi-south Yun-Feng Bai large horseshoe wall (commonly known as the Boji) of the median. North and South since a peak of the peak, the emerald-colored decorated Fengdian; peak after peak before the legislature steep cliff, like a general Jinxiu the wall, there was the name.
goal-for-one of the Changbai 16, 2595 meters above sea level in the river by Chá the two sides, and the relative peak days excluded, because of the shape such as doors, Gu Ming goal. Legend has it, Dayu visited flood control here, next to a tadpole-shaped column, the monument known as God.
Lu Ming-feng known as Chi-Fung, in north-west of Tianchi, 2,603 meters above sea level. Cao Dianzi a peak, such as radio disc, every winter season, the other is the snow-covered peaks also reveal that only in the snow outside.
Changbai Mountains on the southwest side of a mountain 2,543 meters above sea level, the exposed rock, such as the shape staircase. This peak Beiju Yu-zhu-1.5 km from the floor to this day peak 400 meters, the peak flows to the River Falls ladder. Cloud wind around the hill all year round, even if it#39;s sunny unclear peak also see the outline. Suitengumae peak through this legend, is linked to human Tianting and Bars, called ladder Yunfeng.
days excluded peak 2,620 meters above sea level, in two Shirakawa east coast, with the goal-confrontation. Because of "sharp double from the peak, the production line, Huorankailang, it is inconceivable for Fun", Gu Ming-day exclusion. Excluded-day first-line cracks, Dayu Legend has it for flood control by the split. Multi-stone Chise, looking like two-entrenched. Peak days excluded under the two-yan of stone, stone hump, black bear, and so the air lakeside landscape. Butian visitors from the Cowherd-crossing, the more the valve Baguamiao site along the north side of the inverted rocks, before boarding peak. At peak, overlooking Jumu, Qunfeng Daoying, light wave Haomiao, tourists Liulianwangfan.
astronomical peak, the Tianchi in the Changbai Mountains northeast side, the north-easterly Tianchi, from yellow floating rock and a basic rough rock. Astronomy in the 470-metres above the water surface, 2,670 meters above sea level, is the highest peak east of Changbai Mountain, the third summit of Changbai Mountain. Junqiao peak of the mountain like olecranon break-out, also called olecranon peak. To commemorate the Tianchi station to the hard work of the spirit of 1956, it changed its name to people astronomical peak. North Slope of Tianchi Office is astronomical peak, a poem said: "Only olecranon very spectacular, towering Cengluan cold moonlight, a mid-left-the first snow, Jiaojie on the cheap to see."
iron wall peak 2,560 meters above sea level, located in the north of the Tianchi Center. East and astronomy-related; West Zhinv at peak days with the exclusion across the peak. Iron wall-Guaidan rugged, stone-color also black, Zhuangruo iron wall, Gu Ming. Iron wall along the west side of climbing the peak, may be overlooking the Tianchi Shengjing. Climbing from the north slope of the second best pay homage to the Tianchi Office.
Wohu peak 2,566 meters above sea level, from the Tianchi to peak 411 meters. Tianchi in the west, south and crowned peaks, the level of the north from the staircase Yunfeng 1,925 meters. China and North Korea for the sector peak.
Yu-zhu-Tianchi in the west, Yun-Feng Bai one kilometer from the northeast, also known as Qing Shi Feng, the peak 2,664 meters above sea level, towering peaks, like a Qingtian the Yu-zhu, indomitable spirit, is the Fu Bi Yun-Feng Bai.
Zhinv peak 2,558 meters above sea level, the East Rail at Pik Fung.
Zixia peak 2,618 meters above sea level. Tianchi in the east, northwest and Huagai peak relative; Jiguan-south and solitary peaks across the Falcons. Zixia peak from purple sand accumulation, the Yuan Guan Yan Yun wind around, like West Luoxia, Ziqi Shenghui, Guxiangguse, thus the name.