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Tang means Mountain - ShunYiQu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: David  Date: 08-24 2008
Tang means Mountain in Beijing, the northern town of forest, from Lake Tang God, God-Tang, Tang-shan and the surrounding areas that form.
the north branch of the Yanshan Mountains millet Hill, the west is God Tang lake, clear lake, a mirror-like, charming scenery; eastern God Tang Valley, 6 km-long, lush vegetation Shotaro Yachi, Zhetianbiri, five Contend. God Tang Shotaro Yachi Liuquanfeipu, Guaidan forest, lush forests, Niaoyuhuaxiang as if cents a mirror, a lock Shotaro Yachi wind tunnel, Ham stone monument Baleng spa, and so King Santan six holes 18, has a section of beautiful touching every The historical legends. Tang is referring to the southern mountains; pigeons is the eastern mountains, and other scenic areas.