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Jade Emperor Feiyun - HangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Audrey  Date: 08-23 2008
"Jade Emperor" refers to the Jade Emperor Mountain, located in the south of the West Lake. Folk legends of the West Lake is a pearl of the sky falling by the change, and Yulong Jinfeng这颗Pearl came to the protection of Hangzhou, into Yulong Shan and Phoenix Mountains.
the Ming Dynasty, built Fuxing of the foot of the mountain, also known as Jade Palace, Taoism is the place where the Jade Emperor. As the late Qing Dynasty, "West Lake Road, three of the" one.
in the Jade Emperor Peak mountain top "Deng Celeste Court," Deng this Court, that is, at the foot of Yunfei, left Thanks in Qiantang River, right Example Xizai Hu, the visitors have a sense of Piaopiaoyuxian. "Jade Emperor Feiyun" that come from this conception.
the Jade Emperor Hill, the main landscape: chee Yunling statues, purple-dong, gossip-and Seven Star Pavilion. Tsz Yunling statues in Tsz Wan Shek Pik Lingnan slope, Houjin Tin Fook 2007, Chu Wu Yue-hong in this money to create Shinobu Temple Hill and at the cutting of seven statues built, the center is "Sam Shing West", to the west side of the Buddha Legislative like, King Kong is the most lateral Guinness. Tsz Yunling statues at the Hangzhou is the Five Dynasties and the largest stone statues, in terms of time and before the Tang Dynasty statues of caves north of convergence in China occupies an important position in the history of sculpture. Purple Mountain to the Jade Emperor hole in the mountainside, the hole the following three different height of the chamber, the holes have holes, of "West Lake seven Kwu Tung" one. Hole before rockery gardens, monuments nosy Fushou is expected to field. Tian Shan gossip in the south of the Jade Emperor, Legend has it for membership of the Southern Song Dynasty emperor Gonggeng field. Tian was octagonal, eight-Mo divided into eight, in a circular mound, Yuan Wang as "nosy", thus the name. Purple to the hole at the top of Seven Star Pavilion, next to the original-Yongzhengnianjian booths set up seven large iron cylinder, with such as "Beidouqixing" to the town of flames, known as the Seven Star-cylinder.
In addition, the Jade Emperor Hill also Baiyu Chan Chi Tianyi wells and two well-known monuments. Baiyu Chan Song Road Flyover is a name, white jade tube wells rises. Tian Chi is the construction of the Qing Dynasty in the Peak Liandan pool, Four Seasons He did not,堪称phenomenon.