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Zhongshan Park - WuZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Savannah  Date: 08-23 2008
?? Zhongshan Park was Beishan, Gucheng Dasan, in the city centre. In 14 (1925), turned into parks,名曰"Zhongshan Park", Wuzhou is the earliest completion of the park.

?? completed the first National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located in the North Peak, the autonomous region for the heritage conservation units, in March 1925 by Li Jishen planning initiatives. Memorial Hall of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the focus on the end of 1921 to early 1922 the Third Wuzhou here to guide people to build home Wuzhou, governance of the Xijiang River shipping deeds. Memorial Hall grand scale, before and after hours at the front seat for the four-story tower in central dome construction, the two wings of things for the two-story buildings, for the showroom, the rear hall is 1,000. Memorial Hall is a positive step at all levels, from the bottom front of a total of 340 Tai Yu-class; front is Guangping, built in Hechi, ring out Dan Deng, Yam to Wu Yung, scenery lovers.

?? Memorial Hall near the Guangxi one of the most ancient bronze bell South Han bronze bell, cast in the South Han stem and 16 years (958), Xuanyu Beishan Chenzhong Tingnei. Although the South Han took Qianzai the clock, is still intact, hit a resonant voice. Chenzhong booths next to a display of successive inscriptions, the Ming Dynasty relics, such as Guijiang pontoon Tiezhu, for human appreciation.

?? Park Zoo, tiger, leopard, monkey, bird and other variety. Qu Yuan sets to watch the snake, buy, enjoy Yirou, the snake products in one. Peak is the Beiyuan Gardens in the park. Park build a mountain, forest green garden of flowers, Lvyin tidy, Qujingtongyou, all kinds of features, seamless, Zichengtiji, Wuzhou is the largest, more comprehensive facilities, the largest tourist scenic spots.