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Chagan Lake Nature Reserve - SongYuan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Natalia  Date: 08-22 2008

Chagan Lake Nature Reserve in Jilin Province is the People#39;s Government in 1986 approved the establishment of provincial-level nature reserve. The protection area of 480 square kilometers, most of the territory in the zone.

protected areas in the core area of Sundin bubble, bubble, for Reed Health, is the main habitat of birds establishments located in the buffer zone of Chagan Lake Sandwich Island to the north of Xin Austin foam waters; production experimental zones in the new temple bubble, bubble Curry, Lingjiao foam sandwich and Chagan Lake south of the island waters.

protection of the existing 34 heads of 15 birds by 116 kinds of birds throughout the province 35.6% of the total, of which there are 13 Section 58 waterfowl species of birds in this area Category of the total number of 50 percent. Ⅰ a state-level protection of a white-naped crane, Baitou He, five kinds of red-crowned crane, and so on; Ⅱ a state-level protection of a white swan, Queying, Hui He and other 12 kinds.

amphibians have a head three branches of four, reptiles have two heads 3 Section 4, Section 9 Mammals 4 Head 22. 15 Section 38 kinds of fish, mainly carp, grass and silver carp, bighead carp, crucian carp, red鮊fin fish, herring, catfish, yellow Sang, Ao spent fish, Wu Changyu, and so on.

With the ongoing work of environmental protection, afforestation area of the region increased year by year, vegetation restoration, lakes Bank Collapse receive treatment, the number of birds has increased significantly. Chinese Qiu sand ducks, swans and other state-level key protection of birds every year to protect the habitat and breeding areas.