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Longtan scenic areas - JiAn

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Juan  Date: 08-21 2008
"Masada urine" waterfall is a strange "between the interest waterfall," a gap 82 meters, waterfalls water every few seconds on the "uproar" and filled out a pile of a few metres high BAI Lang, then one would like Bailian And Qingyang, the cliff fall, and then go to calm; few seconds after the re-emergence, not repeated. This phenomenon aroused great interest of visitors and locals to it from a popular interesting and visualize the name, called the "Masada urine." Stands the right of the concept of Rainbow Falls on stage, when sunlight, they#39;ll see a rainbow appeared in top-down waterfall, "Masada urine," Golden Lion Falls and will have a surface area of two wonders.