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Tap Zaigou twin towers - HuLuDao

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Lucas  Date: 08-20 2008
Sui County, located in Wing On Baoxiang Zaigou north tower 150 meters on the Miao Fengshan. 75 kilometers southeast from the county seat. Under the tower because of a temple named after the Miao-Feng. Twin towers built in the Liao stem EC years (1101 ~ 1110), the two towers confrontation between East and West, from 50 meters. East tower about 24 meters high, brick built Mi Yanshi 1.80 9. Jiaozhu each shaft in all directions, East, West, South, North surrounded by brick shallow niches, built-in a Buddha, sitting in the lotus seat. Block Xumishan-Buddha, carved a waist of the horse, elephant, Lion#39;s Head, and so different attitude. Niches on the Baogai, fly, bronze mirror. Tap the top right corner in Thai south-east "Liao Tianzuo emperor," Zheng-nan has carved the upper left corner, "declared Rita homes thanks to" Zhuandiao title. Tianzuo or homes is also known as Rita. Incitatus about 10 meters high, 2.60 solid brick built seven Miyan Shi. Its structure and sculpture and part of East Tower basically the same as the existing five-story canopies for municipal heritage conservation units.