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Songshan Sita - ZhengZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isabel  Date: 08-20 2008
Sita located in the Songshan Song Yang#39;s College four kilometers northwest of the valley, built in the first year of the North Wei Xiaoming Dili Zhengguang, the existing China is the most ancient pagoda. 15-high tower, more than 40 meters. A parabola-shaped tower, the tower the plane for 12 Kok, a unique compact, external application Baihui, canopies above the waist are coated brick-red. Tasha for the stone columns, about two meters high, a spiral-shaped, to retain the Indian pagoda style.
said to have the original wooden staircase tower on each floor, visitors can take towards Unfortunately, the fire was burning. tower of the building with small brick Wong Nai build base, 1,000 years after the storm hit, has not not Crisp Alkali, the integrity of the architecture is on the research value.
Songyue Temple in Songshan Sita beside the name of "Xianju Temple" is the Northern Wei Dynasty Xuanwu, Li Gong Xiaoming of the Dili, after the homes to Buddhist temples. Songyue Temple West about 500 meters, will have a good Temple, the famous Tang Dynasty Chinese astronomers monk and his entourage of local monk. Inside the Main Hall, Tangta, Jietan Stonehenge, the monument will be good Temple, statues and so well-preserved monuments.