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0.08 Magic Palace - YanTai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Steven  Date: 08-20 2008
Yantai City in a story a myth based on the large-scale construction projects of modern pleasure, which is located in the east of Penglai Water City waterfront, "Dong Youji" in the Pat Sin East travel together as the background story of creation from the Pat Sin Magic Palace. 0.08 Magic Palace tiger-head door, sitting east of the West, glazed tile roofs, 8 0.08 Treasure relief decoration at the top of the door, the west side of Palace Square for the 5,000 square meters. "Baxianguohai", "Prince Edward Indiana," "goal Xiongguan," "Palace of the Dragon King Music and Dance," "Dragon King off", "burning the East China Sea," "Shuiguan Eight Immortals", "Qunmoluanwu", "Yishantianhai", "World War Tianbing , "" Goddess of Mercy mediation "," Suitengumae Han and "size of 40 scenes, people, trolls, God, and other art form more than 200, set in the Pat Sin magic palace and adopt sound, light, electricity and other modern means of science and technology control, And using sound and light, the combination of static and dynamic, lifelike, Hengsheng section of wonders, the image of a replay of the "Baxianguohai" story, to show visitors a magnificent Suitengumae and the mysterious underwater world. Tour full of praise after the tourists Special Adviser to the International Tourism Organization La Wate has been the scene Huibi message: "Penglai fairyland, Magic Palace must wins," 1-for story.