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Ring appear Temple Grottoes - JinZhong

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Aiden  Date: 08-19 2008
Yushe five kilometers southwest of the county seat in the Miaoling Hill. Figures close to the mountains when the Northern Wei Zhi Tang, a result that is like making Palace, the temple built, renovated in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Siyu has now destroyed, surviving statues, and Cheonbuldong district.

of Cliff made this Xiangyi Zun, 3.3 meters high, the surface area, Jianpijiasha, Luosha permeability of guitar Ka Fuzuo, surrounded with beautiful patterns, Diaozhuo sophisticated, realistic shape, as does the Tang Dynasty stone statues of the boutique.

Temple Dongbei Yu, Cheonbuldong, also known as the "sarcophagus abbot," Cave near the square, Zhuangru urn, southwest provide door, an area of about 15 square meters. First role with little more into the larger, Zheng Sheng Shi-Zheng, Gu Ming, "sarcophagus Temple" and "ring Tong Temple." Shek Pik in the tunnel before the ring out, there are larger Buddha Cave 6躯, surrounded Qianfo around, who#39;s 1-meter-high, low, 8, 9 cm. Of 1090, high nose deep eyes, Kuan Yi Bo zone, follow the style of Buddhist art in India, for the Northern Wei Dynasty. Rough side appears to 1,000, while great deal of diversity among microscopic. Dongding a palanquin-like canopy, there are four painted landscapes, distinctive patterns, gorgeous vivid. After the hole five meters in its northeast, with a hole similar size, there are eight lively inside the beautiful landscapes, birds logo.

caves northeast Pass a square Tangta, single layer, about four meters high, a Zen master tower, the construction of structured, graceful shapes, is the ring for a construction Tong Temple artifacts.