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Wufeng Park - SuZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kaylee  Date: 08-18 2008
Chang men in the West Xiatang, this Wufeng Park Lane, covering about 2.5 acres. Park was built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian for long, built by the Shang Yang, commonly known as "Yang home." Park said a nephew of the painter Wen Zhengming, built by Boren, Wen Boren, Wufeng the elderly. Park in five Taihu Shi-feng, high Erzhang, quite a wrinkle to the thin Linglong, Bingzhigaofu, the shape of Lao Zhang, also known as Wu Laofeng, respectively, "Zhang Ren-Feng", "Goddess of Mercy Peak," "San Lao - "," Qing Yun-feng "and" Qing Yun-feng. " Wufeng to win the whole park, supplemented with water, cliffs, canyons, caves, bridges, old trees, Hanchuan, all King Park Pavilion. Park is southwest Mound, vulgar Chuan Liu Yi Tang tomb for. The easy to repeat its main park, before and after the War of Resistance Against Japan, for the garden, scattered houses. Park because of disrepair, filling pools, two Shifeng dumping. 1982, Wufeng Park was listed as municipal heritage conservation units, have little protection refurbishment, October 1, 1998 repair completed, the formal opening to the outside world.