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Yu Huangmiao - JinCheng

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ethan  Date: 08-17 2008
Jincheng City in the area 13 km northeast of the North Village Zezhou Xian prone hills, condescending, and strong momentum Xuanang, ancient Zezhou is the largest and most influential of the Taoist temple. During the more than 300 Taoist gods respect Zichengtiji clay sculpture, art and has demonstrated China#39;s Taoist gods system. In particular Ershibasu clay sculpture, the country has been found in the remains of the ancient statue is the solitary goods, reflecting the confluence of Chinese and Western art sculpture of the track, is a unique treasure trove of Shenmiao the Taoist arts, with high historical value and aesthetic value. In Taoist gods, because "Haotian Jinque supreme Extreme natural Miao really a bridge-to the Jade Emperor God" (commonly known as the Jade Emperor) the most distinguished position, so this concept known as Yu Huangmiao Road, is the state#39;s key heritage conservation units.

the temple was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty Shenzong Xi-ning 2009 (1076). Kim Tae and 2007 (1207) reconstruction, Yuan positive 15 years (1355) and the additional gate bell Gulou, Ming and Qing have repairs. Three minutes into the temple, layout and bearing, a hospital than a hospital. Grand scale, Diaolianghuadong, magnificent. Garden plants spit-Zhengyan, distortion Parkinson trees. Rectangular layout for the plane, 110 meters long from north to south and 32 meters wide things, including the temple Louting 110, covers an area of 3,520 square meters, is a grand scale of the ancient buildings. Head Road gate, the two gate, the gods enjoy Pavilion, built on an axis Yu Huangdian online. Front yard is the abbot and Shen Tang, in the backyard surrounded by homes and were Dian-ge. Shanmen modeling for Danyan hanging Peak, glass ornaments, and Zhonggu Peacock-glass roof on the components of mutual Zenghui, very bright. Dan Yan Xie Shanding enjoy booths, a leading Dougong trunk, a side angle up. In the hospital is characterized by a statue regardless of genre. Living in various shrines in the center of homes, wooden structure pavilions, three broad, deep into the six Chuan, Danyan hanging Peak, quaint and simple, there Chengtang like plastic. Peidian things have Dongyue, the three-statue. Things on both sides were drug WANG Dian-, five Hall, seeking high-Temple, Yao Wang, plastic, five generals, Wang and his wife. South Hall, the West for the possession of the Buddha Hall, the Hall of plastic Yan Jun 10; East Hall 6 blast, the god of plague within six plastic like. Yu Huangdian Basilica for the backyard, Danyan Xieshan Ding, three broad, deep into the six Chuan, straight-door window lattices. Windowsill Xiadian angle of terrazzo, relief birds and flowers. Yanzhuzhuchu for Fupen Lotus, column for the logs, on a volume brakes, side angle up, Dougong really expensive to shop for four. The building well-structured, beautiful shapes, fine carving, shows that the construction of the Song Dynasty temples Zezhou unique style and artistic talents of our ancestors. Plastic is the Jade Emperor in the main hall, Putian Xingjun. Jade Emperor Yitaiwanfang, expression serene dignity, female on both sides of the separation. These exquisite female shape, image fullness, facial expression serene, Titaiqingying is Caisu in the boutique. Piandian around 3 yuan, respectively, four Santa statue. Langfang things Yao-9, 6 and 12 Tai Yu-chen, Ershibasu statue. In this group of sculptures, from the emperor, the emperor, the emperor to the people of God, ghosts; Wind Peter, rain division, of Mulberry, sericulture, to Fok, Wu Road, Wang and Matsu, from high-seeking grandmother Qiuzi Bao infants to Hua Tuo, Bian Que Quanshan send blast. Jufan in all aspects of daily life are reflected in the immortal world.

Taoist gods in the world of the people have to clay sculpture in the form of art to show in the world. Yu Huangmiao in the art world, the highest achievement,当属Ershibasu. It is China#39;s Yuan Dynasty arts master Liu Luan shaped. Liu Luan, also known as Lan Liu, Liu Yuan, who Songmo Early Yuan Dynasty. Early Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan to Nepal A Nige Supervisor repair the sculptor Yuan Dadu Huguo Si, Liu Luan involved in the construction works, and ancient Greek art and sculpture in China combined with the traditional arts, a generation of arts master, China#39;s art of sculpture reached a new development. He Ershibasu the sculpture, unique rich content, layout stringent reasonable, bold new thinking, Modal vivid realism. He will be the first astronomical observation of celestial bodies in the operation, the seasons change, Jingwei Group equatorial location of the 28 constellations and the Tang Dynasty established the Five Elements-Yuantian Gang of 28 species of animals with metal, wood, water, fire and earth, Japan, on a person in To create the image of flesh and blood "on the virtual rat" and "yuan dragon" and other planets were insects myth figures, and has become a wonderful work of art sculpture. In addition, Yu Huangmiao the art world, there are neat rows of Beiting, Beiting, erect a Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing history monument, is to study the history of Taoism and the art of calligraphy valuable information is also available in Tang Jingchuang, Song Ke, Yuan statue, the pavilions, the Qing pavilions, and other artifacts, the hospital double Tingxiu, papaya fragrance, luxurious flowers blooming seasons for visitors to enjoy the arts.