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Of Pengshan - NingBo

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Emma  Date: 08-16 2008
Pengshan name of Xiangshan, located in Cixi City, south-east, across three North, Yongsan, Fanshi three towns, heavy Luan stack of Pengshan嶂, lush forests, mountain overlooking, the vast panoramic view of the East China Sea. Looking for the top of the road, can be reached from the River Pengshan South Hengxi village head to Pengshandonglu Fung Pu Ao, Peng Shan North Road to the mountains. Was named as the "bottle up", meaning from here can reach the sailing Penglai fairyland.

and now more than 2,000 years ago in the east of Pengshan, is still endless sea, 210 years BC, Xu is here Qinlv Tongnantongnv and 3,000 sailors, such as nearly 5,000 Baigong People Dongdu Japan, for the emperor to find Changshengbulao of the drug, now in its crossing on the Fung Pu Ao village.

of Pengshan over 400 meters high above sea level.幽深of the valley, wins mountain range簇拥, meandering streams, green everywhere. Rock Qiqiao incense into the mountains, stalagmites, Fu-hu, Yan-Dragon, it is Mubuxiajie. At present, the Municipal Meteorological Station on the Peak has a modern weather radar stations, the visitors boarded the Peak, in view of the East China Sea scenery at the same time, you can rest for a while, the way to visit a modern meteorological observation equipment, but also Yijuliangde.

foothills have a bottle of an area of 30 acres of Xu Fu Park, Memorial Hall from Xu, Xu Hotels and Park consists of three parts. Xu is also available in a village in the tree Yan Ying Tsui Chuk between Xu Temple. Most residents of the village surnamed Xu, said that since the descendants of Xu Fu, Xu ancestor worship in the temple.