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Santanyinyue - HangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kayla  Date: 08-16 2008

Santanyinyue island also known as the "mini Yng-Jou," the three islands in West Lake is the largest and most abundant landscape, the highest reputation, known as "the first West Lake Shengjing," Jiangnan water garden art Masterpiece. "Island in the lake, islands in the Lake" here is the greatest characteristics. Yng-Jou a small "fields" with the words, the outer ring and the Cross Island Bridge are connected pavilions Hin Terrace, embellished the meantime, the internal Island Bridge was split into four natural lake, the center of the oasis "Bamboo Drive-You-" art wall Full of poetic. The southern tip of the island, "my heart of the India Pavilion" before you can see Santanyinyue Shengjing. Each to the Mid-Autumn Moonlight, Fang Ming Zhu at the tower, lighting, thoroughly like a small moon 15. At this point, the moonlight, lighting, Huguang making the other more beautiful, the night view is very charming.

view from the air, landing on the island terrain such as a large "field", showing a lake in the island, the island in the lake, said Waterscape wins in the characteristics of the West Lake in a unique Thrilling Scenic Sites For China#39;s Jiangnan water garden classic.

Ming Wanli 1946 (1,607), the Qiantang Xianling Nie Xin Tang Feng mud from the lake around the island to build the dam, early into the lake in Lake, as released by the. Future generations in the construction of three islands in the South Lake bottle-shaped small stone pagoda, known as the "San Tan", the early Qing Dynasty building camps on the island added Quqiao, Tong Hin, along with Lake Central-sik Mu Furong, rehabilitation Guangxu of the Qing Pang retired generals Yulin in a villa, small Yng-Jou in its outlook.

Santanyinyue landscape-level, multi-room changes, construction layout Jiangxinduyun. North Island shore from the pier, after Panthéon, and other two buildings, that is, into the nine Pingqiao, the bridge is open net Pavilion, Ting-Ting-ting, Kangxi Royal Beiting, my heart of the India Pavilion of the pavilion four different shape, People walk Tingting, Xie Xie look at, or Tan Xiao, or pictures, hang around reflection to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Jiuqu Qiao East, Geshui and一堵white powder across the short wall. No wall at both ends of the convergence, if the screen shape. But on the opening four Fenqiang Huashi exquisite Louchuang, walls and wall space at the mutual penetration. Wall visitors to the bustling, elegant but quiet inside, Zhichi Wuzi between very different outlets.