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Wansheng Shilin - WuLongXian

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Dominic  Date: 08-15 2008

Wansheng Shilin scenic area in the dry southern city of Chongqing Wansheng District in the rural South, in the form of about 4.6 billion years ago, China#39;s current research is the most ancient of the Stone Forest. King was known as one of the Bayu, 12. Wansheng Shilin Set "mountains, water, forest, stone, holes" as one. Qianzibaitai landscape, "Lean, odd, ancient, blame the" mini-bonsai Qiaoling Long combination of features, surface Shilin, a comprehensive view of underground caverns strong. Scenic areas of relatively concentrated, the climate is nice and cool in summer.

Shilin to the surface as the representative of a typical karst landscape is very attractive. Such a tiger-like landscape surface, forming a series of different viewing spots. Here, Qunfeng Bili, Qifeng Wei Shi, is Qianzibaitai, Shihmen, Danzhai, stone pillars, stacked like artificial, no artificial traces Feiqinzoushou the stones, lifelike, Weimiaoweixiao; Pastoral Qianmo, Chuiyanniaoniao, Chingchuankang Chi Bi, Ice waterfall cliff, cranes Green, Bikongniaoyu, Qingli Shi Fendai if not the Guixiu Chuchudongren. The main landscape enthusiastic Lang Feng, incense burners Hill, giant fans to slit Yixian Tian, fossils, Shek Kwu, the generals, such as dozens of the stone. Wansheng Shilin show the beauty of landscape and spirituality.

Wansheng Shilin scenic spot, not only Guaishi forest, and underground caverns around the landscape. For the level of the main cave and two vertical cave. The level of a cave-day openings, Guojie Lou cave, the cool breeze hole, fairy-dong, dong, Commissioner Ma, cattle-rustling hole, Jiulong Dong, Guanyin Dong, and so on. Of these, a few days openings unique landscape, unique shape, inside stalagmites, columns, stone flower, Shiman, hoists, the legislature, tweezers, play his blog, such as jade crystal, such as the splendid palaces. Can be described as "Tianzaodeshe, ghosts ax Magic Power."

Wansheng Stone Forest area covers an area of 3,000 square meters within the Forest of Steles world peace, greatly enriching the cultural connotations of the area. In addition, the Nenggeshanwu local Miao Jia, weddings and funerals, restaurants and clothing Daoguangnianjian the tomb group, folklore and a few billion years ago formed the animal fossils, constitutes a unique folk culture and folk customs to the rich connotations Miao customs as the representative of the human landscape.