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The first Commissioner of Jiangnan - XuanCheng

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luke  Date: 08-14 2008
Jiangnan Yaoyao also known as the first Commissioner of rock. Fu Ling Xiang in the east. Trail is logo Hang important pass, Qingliang Feng main channel. Commissioner of foot-mouth booths, book, "Drive-Jiangsu and Zhejiang," Wei of Chinese characters. First the Jiangnan Bridge, received clearance from the West Shiji, the mountain had Jun Shan, Guaishi Saga, a disc-Shek, the day crown stone, stone generals, the most surprising Yarlung leakage meters. Rock peak, the North-South Jiazhi, septal He Jian, which winds along the river Happy. North rocks embedded in the wall about two meters long granite panels, built a plank road, part of the half-time when vacant. The top of a Kongyun days, is the gateway. Since this rock feet, where more than 1,400 level. Chudeng, palpitation, blinking, palpable wall Postponed, dare not look down. Jian Yi-chuan in the stoning, such as animal such as melons, many stack. Jianshui Ying back ups, Qingyinnuxiao, sometimes elegant small trickle, sometimes fast-tan. By the close of the four high-Hengjia a natural rock. West carved lintel, "the first Commissioner of Jiangnan", the East carved "emblem Hang Suoyao Tongzhi 2002 Shao Li Ren, Siu-tong that the construction", Kaizi. When the customs gate standing Shanfenglielie, Huangruo virtual drive volley. Entry, Shi Jing Yi slightly, still hovering between Doubi. Kanto Shi Chating on the adjacent wall, inscribed on the history of the trail in mind: SONG Bao-woo between (1253-1257), Dan Dashimen with Hu because of Chipping for Dengkou, where more than Wuli to Streams. Inter-Dade yuan (1297-1307), North Township (now the North Village), Cheng as deep under the insurance, cutting stone for the rehabilitation field, next to the barrier, the more the demand. Between the Chenghua (1465-1487), Wang Mao-such as to repair. After all repair history. After the founding of nearby villagers contracting maintenance organizations so far. Commissioner within a "two-way," the temple, Hu Ka Hu Guisen built. Deng had this clearance, said today, or is fear.