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Wellington Koo Jiuzhai - TianJinShi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Michael  Date: 08-13 2008
Located in a zone of peace, Hebei Road 267. Three tiers of the main building, brick. Building elevation cylinder for the red brick wall. Gongquan windows and the integration of the legislation in front of a Baroque Serratula-shaped column, dignified and elegant. Wellington Koo, Shanghai#39;s Jiading, China#39;s modern famous professional diplomats. In 1912 the Beijing government office, in 1918 as members of the Chinese delegation will participate in Paris and then the ambiguous attitude of the Northern Government changeable, the Chinese delegation internal Gouxindoujiao, in this particular context, Wellington Koo decided to stir up the heavy responsibility of the peace talks, All the painstaking efforts have failed, he resolutely refused to sign the unequal Treaty and safeguard the country#39;s dignity. In 50 years of diplomatic career, he served as the Chinese in the United States, Britain, France and diplomatic envoys accredited representative to the United Nations and the International Union, also a former chief of the Beijing government foreign affairs, the prime minister and the foreign ministers of the Government of Nanjing, and attended the Paris and San Francisco Conference to participate in the creation of the International Union and the United Nations. 1967, GU Wei both from the State Court of The Hague, vice president of the duties on retirement.