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Huangshan Hot Springs - HuangShan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jacob  Date: 08-12 2008

Huangshan Hot Springs ranks Huangshan Hot Springs, one of the four must, Guchentangquan, cinnabar-chuen, there are two exposed population, according to SONG Jing-you, "the Huangshan map" records, the legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation in the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan Bathing, fold eliminated, youth, so famous hot springs, known as the "Lingquan," Hot Springs in the south of purple Shi Feng, Tang Quan the north shore of the river, 650 meters above sea level, the main Spring Spa mouth, the average temperature was 42.5 degrees, the Deputy Spring mouth water temperature to 41.1 degrees, the water temperature also with the temperature, precipitation changes and changes.

the flow of the hot springs pool day and night for the largest flow of 219.51 tons, the minimum flow rate of 145.23 tons. Huangshan Hot Springs also has a medical value of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, sports and other systems of certain diseases, a certain treatment and health effects. Hot Springs area now has a separate bathroom and hot springs swimming pool, visitors can bathe in the downhill after this, climbing ease fatigue. Is a spa, hot springs baths and swimming pools.

Legend has it the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan bath, white hair black, youth, is hailed as Lingquan. Tang calendar year (766 1 779), Xi Xue Yong Zhou Cishi bath cure this epidemic, so in this legislature Lushe, a basin Wu, famous. Poetry: "If and Huangshan and Wu Yue, Ling still owed a sand-chuen." Quanbian Wanlinianjian Shek Pik Ming (1573 1 1620) by the visitors that "the world-chuen, a" giant stone characters. Another Deng Xiaoping that "the world-chuen, who" Stele. Is a spa, hot springs baths and swimming pools.

Huangshan Hot Springs jet must not, it may Qiongjiangyuye, clear as a mirror, and the Huangshan Qisong, Guaishi, known as the sea of clouds and four must Huangshan. Huangshan Hot Springs in Xuan Yan, springs Qinglie. Tang Quan on Huangshan There is also a beautiful legends. According to the "Week of different mind-god" cloud, asked in the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan-Cheng son of the Taixi in the capacity of 10%, Tuna and Ceres immortality. Weng Ling Dan and the Fuqiu, then think of super-Ming Bo, You Penglai. Fuqiu are divisions Weng said: "paternity is willing to pull clothes Gong practitioners." Fuqiu Weng said: "Yin and the optional division, will be fine in Austria; Migratory hidden resorts, industry-10%. Lianjin for Dan, will leave on the landscape , Hill Xiushui is, the drug is Ling.

southeast Yi Shan, which according to a cloud Ningbi Han, gas CA Hill, the gods only Yan. And without Hun Chea Sim, Habitat must Xing rot, the ancient panacea, not three winter Diao, who spent different fruit, there are four seasons. Gaomu Shan-mao, for the charcoal to medicines, Bongchang-chuen Zhixie, Zhuangru-cloth. Lingquan under, - US-temperature, winter and summer without change, could have been a vegetarian Xinjie, bathing them, drink the enema, 000 patients are more just. "Yellow Emperor Suiming drive, and 10% of capacity, with Weng Yu Fuqiu the mountain.