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Dinosaur town - XiLinGuoLeMeng

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Autumn  Date: 08-12 2008

Erlianhaote located nine kilometers northeast, it is a rather desolate place, Haocao everywhere, here is world-famous dinosaur fossil origin. Now this place has a dinosaur museum. As early as over 7,000 million years ago in the Mesozoic, here was the world#39;s largest reptiles - the kingdom of dinosaurs, unfortunately, this was a huge extinction of the animal on gradually. From the land of dinosaurs unearthed in a more complete these types of dinosaur bone fossils, including dinosaur eggs and fossils of crocodile fossils, for people to understand that the extinction of animals has long been a big help. In addition, the Sonid Right Banner unearthed in the Asia#39;s largest, most complete dinosaur fossil, 21 meters in length and six meters high, was named Chagan Naoer-