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Ciqikou town - ZhongQingShi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Christian  Date: 08-12 2008

Ciqikou town (formerly known as Hidden Dragon Town), located 14 km west of Chongqing banks of the Jialing River. Self-evident, the Qing period of time Ciqikou ancient town famous Bashu the earth. The past here is a bustling port of the surface, material distribution center for the lower reaches of the Jialing River. The Millennium unchanged by the rich simplicity of the Gufeng and make it become the epitome of the ancient city of Chongqing Jiangzhou and symbolic.
?? Ciqikou to produce porcelain named. In 1918 Clifford Chance to raise funds in local grass slope to create a new process Zhici "Ci Chang Shu", the porcelain texture very good, wide variety and reputation gradually, products sold in domestic and foreign. Gradually, "Ciqikou" instead of "Hidden Dragon town." Guyao sites have been found at more than 20.