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South China Monastery - ShaoGuan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Xavier  Date: 08-08 2008
In the South China monastery 20 kilometers south of Shaoguan City. Mountain of water, Yu Ling-shan is a sub-network, water for the Beijiang River tributaries Caoxi, Qixiu wins mountain range. Is one of the Chinese Buddhist temple, the first monastery of Lingnan said. Founded in the first year of the Northern and Southern Dynasties Liangdi Emperor days Supervisor (AD 502) has been 1,480 years of history. When completed, thanks to Liangdi Emperor was "Bao Linsi." TANG Zhong Zongshen Long first year (AD 705) thanks to the "Chung Hsing Temple," Shenlong 2003 also thanks to the "Temple Law-chuen," Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin the first year of opening Po (AD 968) thanks to the "South China monastery," said so far along . The construction of the temple experience, the existing building area of 12,000 square meters. Main Hall with three 8.31 m high and paste the Duzhanaotou the Guanyin Buddha, the walls Caisu 500 arhats. Sihou have Zhuoxi-chuen (commonly known as the Longquan 9), sweet Qinglie. Side-chuen, a few lines of up to 40 meters of water-song, is the world dilute treasure trees. South China Chinese Buddhist monastery in the history of the development has an important position in this Liuzu Huineng teach Chanfa 37, 43 disciples properly, spread throughout the country, and later formed Rinzai Hebei, Hunan diarrhoea Yang, Cao Dong Jiangxi, Guangdong Cloud Gate, Kensaku Hogen, such as the Nanjing 5, the so-called one of the five flowers. Kensaku Hogen, Far EasTone in Thailand, Korea; Caodong, Rinzai prevalent in Japan; Cloud Gate, and the Rinzai more Yuanbo Europe and the United States. Therefore, the South China Monastery "Zuting" said. Zhuoxi-chuen, still preserve the Tang Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, such as Tower of Hope as a large number of precious relics and monuments. Tang Liuzu which are really like, Qianfojiasha and Shengzhi, such as the Northern Song Dynasty carvings Lohan.