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Second Temple - ChiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ashley  Date: 08-09 2008
Gangnam-style house in the Ming Dynasty architecture, Dianmen facing uphill Road, from the Longtan River from the southeast, and around the Temple, elegant environment. The monks feel this benefit. Over the Shannanxinnv to Jiuhuashan worship, see the temple burning incense, see the Buddha and bowed. Second Temple is the starting point for their pilgrimage.
the Temple worship of the "Saint", is Qichi, Mianpang Plumper, black beard Qixiong Tongxinluo the three, two bright eyes Jiongjiongyoushen. Wearing a Ukrainian yarn, wearing a Chaofu, Yaoshuyudai, foot-tread foundation in the boots. Two golden statue like twin brothers. Here the so-called "Second St.," in fact only two of Jin Qiaojue uncle. Here#39;s a touching Xinxian legends. Luo Jin Qiaojue a new royal nobility, his uncle and also a prestigious family of the door, but their names unknown. Jin Qiaojue Kuxiu in Jiuhua mountains, a Buddhist temple, famous, the new monks have come to Luo, worship him as the division, 1:00 apprentice surge. But life is very Qingku in the mountains, Jin Qiaojue had doped clay cooking rice to live. Gaotang pain infants heartbreaking mother, uncle and urged the two mountain trek to visit. Two nephew Jin Qiaojue affected by the uncle, living in Jiuhuashan not left. After the couple for committing "not kill, do not steal, do not Xie Yin, Wang Yu, do not drink," five precepts, Jin Qiaojue Nian down to. After two people of the Jin Qiaojue uncle#39;s trip to Jiuhua Mountain in the foothills of the couple Limiao ritual for fresh Hunsu informal. The past, some areas in southern Anhui spread of a "Second St. will be" the assembly. That is, Xiali July 30 to be "in possession", Fenxiang, chanting, the participants to contribute money to do Suzhai dinner. The next day, the first day run in August that Xiali "The Saint", the two offerings Jin Qiaojue uncle, for I have a liquor Hun, the participants also Fenxiang week, when the dinner is the big meat wine, with the Buddhists "Bon-odori," "Goddess of Mercy", and so very different.