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Purple Xishan Nature Reserve - ChuXiongYiZuZiZhiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isabelle  Date: 08-08 2008
Purple Xishan Forest Park is located in the midst of the majestic mountains, endless green pine trees. Clear streams, flows in the mountains of Chan Chan, one faction of the beautiful scenery, a Qingyou environment for the people Liulian in time.

protected areas to the growth of Yunnan Stone Oak, packet-oak, Yunnan Cyclobalanopsis as the main sub-humid forests of evergreen broad-leaved forest and Yunnan pine trees, the forest coverage rate to 91 percent, the city of Chuxiong Forest important water sources. Purple Xishan Nature Reserve has 202 kinds of higher plants, under Section 65, Section 49 of medicinal plants, 76 species of rare plants have 100 years of Health Yunnan Camellia 28, and scattered the Yunnan-Tibet Manglietia, 3 Cephalotaxaceae, wood Zi, Yunnan and Michelia, such as azaleas, in addition to rich pine mushrooms, chicken and other valuable edible fungus Maple. Mangmang in the jungle, there are many animals live in the meantime, According to statistics, the types of animals at least 107 kinds, including the protection of animals at the national level as the black neck#39;s Pheasant, green peacocks, as are the two animal protection White Xian, the lesser panda, pythons, and so on.

Purple Xishan once central Yunnan is the Buddhist holy sites, ancient temples mountain forest, past Fellows have some senior monks in this self-cultivation. Cliff one stone "protect public morals that transported the monument," a Yunnan history of important information. Purple Xishan rich camellia, according to contemporary research botanist, at least in 1000 before the mountains are planted camellia, the existing stay of a "boy side", a look, the two-tree flowers, a first - Flower, after a white, camellia has become a spectacle, is the country#39;s earliest known cultivation of camellia. Purple Xishan Camellia not only as early as age, species and the number of full-color, second to none in central Yunnan. Civil "Jia Tianxia Yunnan camellia, Camellia a Purple River in Yunnan," said.