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Hengdian Ying Shicheng - JinHua

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Maya  Date: 08-07 2008

known as "the first town of Jiangnan" Hengdian, Zhejiang, located in the golden travel online, 380 kilometers away from Shanghai, from Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the 180 km, 18 km away from Dongyang urban areas, urban areas from Yiwu 36 kilometers, is the largest of the Asian Television filming base, known as "Oriental Hollywood", with its thick cultural heritage and unique historical scenes were rated as the first national-level AAAA tourist areas.

Hengdian Ying Shicheng has become the largest domestic shooting scenes, all the supporting facilities, historical span of the largest film and television filming base. In film and television, the tourism sector-born, and won a number of "most of the country":
largest Hengdian Yingshi Cheng Ying Shicheng administered 12 video filming base, for a total 4,963 acres of land, construction area of 495,995 square meters, is currently the country And Asia#39;s largest Ying Shicheng. The largest tourist attractions Hengdian administered the Qinwang Gong Ying Shicheng, Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness, Gong Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasty Television momentum of the grand tourism base, the three bases of the scale of construction of similar rank of the shooting bases (attractions) first.
The largest Buddha temple restoration of the Hengdian Group Dazhi Monastery Zhudian Main Hall 45.05 meters high, Diannei Sakyamuni 28.88 meters high, high indoor Buddha first in the nation.
Shooting film and television drama Hengdian Yingshi Cheng Ying Shicheng the largest since the 1996 film "Opium War" since the end of 2003 has received more than 200 crew, filming a total of more than 4,000 film and television drama set.

the actor most Ying Shicheng According to statistics, Nagai Hengdian the performance skills to a certain extent, "Wang floating population" supporting actor in 2003 has reached more than 1,200, registered to participate in the filming of more than 1,100 performers.
Largest indoor film studio Hengdian town has two high-tech studio, which is a 1,944 square meters, 23 meters high, is the largest indoor studio.
Ying Shicheng a total of eight major scenic spots, respectively

Qinwang Gong is a scenic spot, Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness area, the Jiangnan Water Village area, Dazhi Monastery area, Guangzhou Street, Hong Kong Street area and the Ming and Qing Dynasties Gongyuan, Ping House cave area, the Ming and Qing Dynasties residential Expo City. Today#39;s Hengdian Ying Shicheng not only to the eight characteristics of the location base to attract foreign tourists and in the film, Hengdian Group has also built a pavilion, Dongyang personnel Expo, Dongyang carved wooden pavilion, Yan Jici Memorial Hall, Shaopiao Ping Memorial Hall, the Buddha Zhuang martyrs cemetery, and so on a number of cultural and educational Museum Park and Holiday Village, Cultural Village, the Village and other places of entertainment leisure group. In addition, the Hengdian on South Lake Park, Phoenix Mountains Park and vertebral typical volcanic mountain area in all directions are the places worth a visit. Therefore, to "Oriental Hollywood" visit "Hengdian Ying Shicheng," is undoubtedly the ideal choice to tourists.