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Jiulong Hu - DaZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sydney  Date: 08-05 2008
?? Jiulong Hu, like a silver-inlaid in Daxian this treasure land, flashing a dazzling display of brilliance. Lake area of 3480 hectares, 19.53 million cubic meters of water capacity. Eight different patterns, different size and the length and breadth of the island in the lake embellishment. 9 Peninsula like nine dragon Zhishen the lake from all sides, therefore the name. Lake Yanbohaomiao, beautiful幽深, Lake Castle Peak surrounded week, Qingli chic. Huguangshanse, fish fertilizer United States, Redwall Qingwa, Chuiyanniaoniao, a good Qinrenxinpi the Jiangnan Water plans. East Lake south coast has a magic cave, entitled "Long-Ling", the holes have holes, circuitous twists and turns and stretches, the tunnel connected, so unpredictable and ever. White stalactites such as silver waterfall pouring, as the curtain falls.

?? Jiulong Hu beautiful-sounding legend, the Palestinian Drainage rich local culture and beautiful natural landscape and mountains, water, forest, integrated hole. Tour boarding, can appreciate the Taihu Lake Charm, but also to enjoy the bearing of the Three Gorges.