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Ding Hui Monastery - NanTong

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jordan  Date: 08-06 2008
Ding Huisi in the south east corner of the ancient city of Rugao, built in the beginning of the Sui Dynasty emperor opened 11 years (AD 591), is an architectural style unique to the north gate of the ancient temples of the Millennium.
According to the Tang Dynasty, written by the monk Xuan, "added Gao Sengzhuan" records, in November 1922 Suikai Huang, Jin Wang Yang Guang (later Sui Yang Di) in Yangzhou Jincheng Hall will be located thousands of monks, Buddhism in the real pioneers of rooftop-_ Masters was invited to the awarding of Yangzhou Buddha quit, and ways of Rugao, Zhu Mao Jian Si, named Ding Huisi, at the same time built a seven pagodas. To the Song Dynasty, because of Binghuo looted, Dinghui Si has Tuibai, only broken Choi, Canyuan. Song and Yuan Dynasties _ Jinshi, a former county magistrate of the history of Rugao sound pondered Dinghui Si wrote a poem:
Temple of Dinghui know what#39;s, do not cross the bridge Bricks in mind;
old trees chaos Arthur tellurium Late photos, Hometown Xindie dance-breathing.
seven pagodas into Road, Qu colored clouds, scattered into space;
Only Yulian pools of water, deep in the old Long Canglang Mian. Ding Huisi
the existing main building of the Ming Dynasty Wanlinianjian reconstruction. At that time, with attitude Su-fang of the monk with a dry, two of Germany came to the disciples Dinghui Si, a little repair on a temporary住下. Of the determination to repair dry Dinghui Si. In order to raise funds, he used lamp roasted ankle, with steel-chest, and other means to show piety to the public Muhua. Shannanxinnv deeply moved, all donors. Ming Wanli 30 years (1607 AD), the temple restoration project to commence. Soon the great hall will be completed by. Stem from overseas and vowed Sandalwood carving Buddhist statues. He was partial to the Southern Tour. Later in Yulin Island (now the Guangxi Yulin City) returning from overseas were on the Merchant Shipping Yizhangliuchi a long sandalwood trees in situ Diaocheng _ Lu and the Buddha. Wanli Sishisannian (the non-1615) Buddha arrived in Rugao, at the Diannei. During this period, the temple Mr. Ming Shang Ren Jian raised the bell Gulou, marble Shang Ren Jian raised the floor of Tripitaka, Federline Shangren to Golden Harvest (Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province today) to buy the Tripitaka collection. Shang Ren Jian You Federline in Germany, far-reaching impact, Dinghui Si unprecedented prosperity.
to the Qing Dynasty, Dinghui Si#39;s Basilica, the 10-minute Gulou, Tripitaka floor, and renovated many times to start, has been the protection of ancient buildings intact, until the 1966 "Cultural Revolution", Dinghui Si basically since the Ming and Qing style.
Dinghui Si is the original gate to the south. Ming Jiajingnianjian, the Japanese harassment of Rugao, in order to protect lives and property of the city people#39;s security, the year 1554 the construction of the wall. As areas expand, build new wall will Dinghui Si within the package Rucheng. This is the ancient city of North River Dinghui Si (Yudai River), the South has for the city Hao He, a West Long Tuge degree Song Wang Di-Lotus Park (WR), the East opened a temple of Fangsheng Chi Chun, formed a " Central Water Temple "of the terrain. Ming Ding Huisi Wanlinianjian rehabilitation, for the sake of convenience, will replace gate to the North, also for the entire building, the conversion of the original gate Tripitaka floor.