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Underwater World Quest - SanYa

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Anna  Date: 08-02 2008
A warm climate, the quality of the water, colorful coral, all kinds of tropical fish and other undersea plant, to Sanya in Hainan to become the best diving in it. Diving tourism have two options: Take the dive boat and diving directly.

by diving vessels, including submarines Tourism: Sanya City in the East China Sea, "Air Brigade No. 1" tourist submarine will allow tourists to see through closed-circuit television undersea landscape. The underwater journey around 50 minutes.

semi-submersible submarine cruise: Yalong Bay in Sanya City. Can dive 1.7 meters, tourists through the seat next to the glass window of substantial submarine coral and tropical fish. The seabed about one hour sightseeing trip.

divers can snorkel directly: to provide every guest a Glasses, breathing tubes, webbed feet and a life jacket, from snorkeling guides on the knowledge and attention to issues, and Snorkeling tour with the water tourism, the main activities of 1-3 meters in the shallow waters.

scuba diving: Diving visitors wear special clothing and diving equipment, training by the coach about half an hour, carrying bottles of compressed air in diving coach led into Harbour. Water depth ranging from 4-15 meters.

night unspoken: by diving during the day and is equipped with different voices flashlight, the submarine diving at night even more mysterious, more stimulating.

Harbour Walk: Anti-pressure gas supply to wear hoods, along with the coach, accompanied by submarine cruise through the water staircase go 4-5 meters deep undersea coral around. The entire trip about 20-30 minutes.

underwater camera: professional camera with the divers with underwater camera equipment, underwater photography services provided for tourists.