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North Sea Fisheries Museum and the underwater world - BeiHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ian  Date: 08-01 2008

North Sea Fisheries Museum located in the urban area north of the North Sea Waterfront Park Area A, and aquatic Museum in Qingdao listed as China#39;s largest aquarium. 7 exhibition rooms and the aquarium, the turtle pond, pool seals were on display in the Beibu Bay, more than 670 kinds of marine life, exhibits of over 2,800 pieces. Xi Shi them to animal Dugong (commonly known as the Little Mermaid) the most attractive. There are 10,000 Duojin weight of whale bones, a few kilograms of lobster specimens, Chimingzhongwai "Nanzhu" and weighing over 100 kilograms, the life of 600 years of live sea turtles, also a breeding area of Beibu Bay Dozens of sub-tropical fish. Tour this museum, such as roaming in the marine world, you an eye-opener, the growth of marine knowledge.
Build the underwater world in 1999, in Waterfront Park area B, where Miss dive in six-metre high giant water and feed the fish do synchronized diving performances, people dancing sharks, but有惊无险; China#39;s first 360-degree perspective Harbour Road, a colorful, mysterious magic show in front of submarine landscape; submarine also sank the ancient city of the Inca empire, the ancient Silk Road on the Sea of porcelain, the sunken World War II, from the Pacific and Indian Ocean more than 300 kinds of fish and so on, people Yingjiebuxia.