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Jiang Ying Temple - AnQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Hunter  Date: 08-01 2008
Anqing City in the east, the brink of the Yangtze River, an area of 30,000 square meters, Jianyu Ming Wanli 1958 (1619), Mingguang in Cengqin on board "safeguard the country Yongchang Monastery", Shunzhi-2007 (1650 ), Chi changed, "Jiang Ying monastery," Qianlong Dici "Shi Zihou good" for eight years Guangxu (1882) that floor plaques, "Jiang Ying Temple," Empress Dowager Cixi thanks for "Miao Ming Yuan Jing."

Jiang Ying Temple at the top of the door "Jiang Ying Temple," the words board, the doors on each side of a home Tiemao, weighing about three tons, which is different from the temple Other temples unique. It is said that the Anqing terrain such as shipping, and Tajikistan for the mast, not to anchor the town of solid, Anqing City Jiangdong to be with, it is located. Temple construction of four towers and one into the hall as the main body.

one into the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Hall of 10.4 meters high, covering about 300 square meters. Median take a Tanxiong abdominal Lu, Han Xiao of the Maitreya Buddha mouth, behind the station Weituo like, in the face of Sakyamuni Buddha. Hall points out both sides of the "four heavenly kings", more than three meters high, the momentum of the authority.

binary Main Hall, 17.72 meters high, covering 409 square meters. Diannei three Buddha, the founder of the center is Sakyamuni Buddha, things on both sides of the drug-and Amitabha Buddha. Dianhou riding a lion for the Bodhisattva Manjusri, for the ride as the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. Liangxiang Buddha platform for Xianglong, Fu-hu, such as a statue of the 18 Arhats, different attitude, modeling vivid.

three-Pilu Temple, 17.7 m high ridge, an area of about 580 square meters. Diannei the middle where the Buddha is Pilu, the left is Dafan heavenly kings, the right Dishi gods. Pilu Xuanbi behind the Buddha on the plastic is as high as over 10 meters of the islands, the island has "Kegon the" child of the 53 Senate Shancai, such as a statue of more than 100 people, an island under a plastic "Four Dragon Dynasty Kuanyin ", The exquisite lifelike statue.

Tripitaka into the floor of the four-storey 16.2 meters, covering 981 square meters, the upper, middle and lower three floors. Upstairs possession of more than 10,000 volumes of Buddhist scriptures, "Myoho Lotus amp; Poor#39;s door by the Guanyin Buddha goods" of the "Heart Sutra", the well-preserved. So far this book has more than 500 years of history, the book is also available in a number of Buddhist statues and the people like Purdue. Downstairs for Fatang, for Jiang Jing said, and major religious activities. Three middle of the Western icon.

towering temple of the wind-tower, Jianyu Ming Longqing four years (1570), formerly known as "000 pagoda," is rare in the Yangtze River Basin Jiang Ying-seven Futu. As the Legislative Yuan Kan has been cone, tall and straight beautiful and magnificent momentum; almost see the tower rises from the brick-building, containing air Linglong, solemn China and the United States. The octagonal tower seven, a total of 168 steps, each floor is surrounded Shilan. Tower Center for 1.80 Guapi top of the Office. Tap Mun layout changes, often after the visitors boarded the second floor and into the wall, and not to its doors, so people should not sound and laughing, but once in the door, Fun for all at it again. Yanjiao a berm on each floor, under the closure of the Tong-ling, the wind Zuoxiang, melodious far sent. Tap the bottom where a five-meter high Buddha Jieyin, for the second floor of Maitreya, the Buddha three for five parties, four stories above a relief more than 600 Buddhist statues respect, to the top of P Plus Xu Mizuo, then on the semicircular bowl and cover 5-iron (the Buddha said of the round), a gourd Baoping, together with a copper-axis Tasha. Chen Zhao let the shaft of the sleek Tasha, Weiran tall, straight into the sky. "Taying Hengjiang" is a beautiful clear sky singular picture of the Spring River, known as one of Anqing Shengjing.