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Liu Xia gem - HangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Anthony  Date: 07-30 2008
"Gem" is the jewel of the north shore of Lake Mountain. By Shan Yan Zhe embedded in the shiny red crystal "gem" in the bright sunlight shining, far Duoduo Choi Ha If viewed like floating in the lake over, and Gu Ming.
gem Hill, the King is the main Bao Chu tower, which is a six-seven of Shi Xinzhuan tower, built in the early Northern Song Dynasty open-years, the king of the Wuyue the money WONG Chu Shuang Mujiu WU Yan Chu called for money WONG Beijing, in order to bless his safe return and build, Gu Ming-Chu tower. Xiuting thin shaft, just like in the West Lake Tingtingyuli beauties, "such as Bao Chu-Americans," the praise, is the scenic West Lake, a prominent online profile of the signs.
gem of the mountains to Kistler said. Boarded the Peak, next to a to-Chu Feng-ting, "Bao Shi Fengting," is the Qing Dynasty, "King Qiantang 18" one. Ting Shan Yan next 23 meters long with a boulder the oval, because of the lower and Shanyan out, shaky, such as days of fall, commonly known as the Star-Shek. Wang Wu Yue Liu had the money for the closure of its oldest stone. See near-Taiwan, engraved on the "Tuen Xia". Legend has it the money Liu Songtao ups and downs in this appreciation of the landscape. Under the sun, rock Guangyao flashes, just like Choi Ha accumulation, Gu Ming for the Tuen nepheline. In Feng-ting to the west side of a hole is a hole-chuan, too-there is a hole of about a dozen meters, less than a meter wide of the Shek Kip, such as cutting both sides of the Shek Pik, Qian Liu legend is open to pedal a road , Is also known as "open-tread Ridge." Gem Peak is the top-lion, the mountain steep, boulder Wu Li, "a peak at all," said. Hill is also available in the south of a "Qin Huang Shi of the cable," said the Year二百一十年, Qin Shihuang#39;s southern tour Huiji Dayu County festival, the ship now, because of the wind Elang mouth of Qiantang River, then parked at the foot of the mountain gems, will ship Cable system in the Shek.
gem in the mountains there are GE Ling, Ge Hong Jin Dynasty Legend has it had in this Liandan, Ling Shang Bao Pu, a famous hospital, Liandan Taiwan, Liandan wells and the beginning of Terrace, and other monuments. GE Ling early in the highest balcony, is a two-storey stone pavilions, of Sunrise resort, Yuan said, "GE Ling Chao Tun" to "Qiantang Thrilling Scenic Sites" one.