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Changzhou Asia Ying Shicheng - ChangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Gianna  Date: 07-31 2008

Changzhou Asia Co., Ltd. located in Changzhou Ying Shicheng the most prosperous Yanling West Road and the junction Nationwide Road, covers an area of 6100 m2, construction area of 26000 m2, the total share capital of 33 million yuan.
Built in 1991 in Asia Ying Shicheng, is the "social development of an integrated model pilot" and the "multi-cinema Office of the pilot" project, mainly to film, set culture, leisure, entertainment, commerce, services in One of the modern multi-function integrated cultural and entertainment center, is the first batch, Jiangsu only a "five-star cinema." General Secretary Jiang Zemin and other central and provincial leadership over more than 300 people visit, the famous cultural, art, film and television experts made a special trip to visit more than 100 people, more than 3,000 team awarded more than 50,000 visitors, have been successfully organized and held a number of the country And international conferences, for the prosperity of China#39;s film industry, improving the investment environment in Changzhou, Changzhou development of culture, tourism and export-oriented economy has played a positive role.
2000年3, under the Changzhou municipal government on the 30th the spirit of the document, the whole of Asia Ying Shicheng formed Changzhou City, was placed under the management of radio and television and in the same year to conduct a comprehensive expansion, the new Asia reflects the culture , High grade, large-scale, high technology and industrialization mode of operation, a relatively independent and not only the six interrelated sections: Asian Square, the performing arts scene Tonight Star, Champagne Avenue Panorama Entertainment workshops, Asia film world, Baiyun Stream Spa , Asia Star Hotel. After transformation of Asia Ying Shicheng more dynamic, more competitive, more development potential!