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Bashang Grasslands - ChengDe

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Steven  Date: 07-31 2008
?? Beautiful Bashang Grasslands in the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County in Hebei Province, Beijing is from the recent natural grasslands, 260 km away from Dongzhimen, the normal vehicle travelling about five hours away. Bashang Grasslands total area of about 350 square kilometers, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia is part of an average elevation of 1,486 meters, the highest elevation of about 2,400 meters, is the Luanhe River, the birthplace of Chaohe. Exposure to grass-Yun Dan, the vast Fanhuabianye Biye, seems to be "drop-Tianqiong pressure, cloud to rub shoulders" of flu. Tourist season average temperature of 17.4 ℃, the green is the ideal health tourism resort.

?? Fengning Manchu Autonomous County in the north of the Yanshan Mountains, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia North pillow; Yanshan Qunfeng embracing the South, North-west region; East and adjacent to Chengde, a total area of 8,765 square kilometers. Sub-county: Bashang, then dam, Baxia three regions, the Bashang-day high Qishuang, Fang Cao grass and Qunyang like clouds, galloping horse, Pa margin of the summit such as cluster, clear water Chan Chan and then Pa dense forest region, Shanzhenbianye, Game infinite; Baxia Shanqingshuixiu, such as the long process of belt-Kuangu You, the more narrow the increasingly rising Jiangnan Ling Su positions, formed a unique natural tourism environment.

?? through beautiful and varied landscape of mountains galleries, Pa margin of plain charming scenery will Yingru your eye. Bahou on, you can give you a sense of pleasant Xiaoshu. Cool breeze Fumian flew enveloping his drilling your Yijin. Looking at Siye, in the lush green Caodian Zi, dotted with stars like wild flowers. Large tracts of large white birch forest, dense with Yuji, piles of leaves and branches at all levels, Louxia evil little Riying. Lightning beautiful river as Yudai around, quietly flowing over your side. Cattle, MA Qun, sheep group feeding habitat, grazing Cukuang people singing and crisp sound of his way, a pleasant-sounding fusion of Niaosheng, to the plain grassland add unlimited vigor.

?? Bashang Grasslands summer without summer, fresh and pleasant. Banlan of wildflowers, the dam began margin, some Canruo Venus, if some fiber-Zan, the Four Seasons variety of different shades clear sooner or later. As night when the moon bonfire, the situation is telling a good place for it; you can next to the campfire with Nanlaibeiwang tourists enjoy the chat, dancing, singing; can also sitting alone on the grassland and enjoy the wonders of solitude. Get up early, you can follow Ruanruan natural grass carpets, listening to the songs of a five-Chui; can also look at the grassland to the sunrise. Ranran up on a red, green, crystal transparent Louzhu, immediately become a flicker of pearls; gone a variety of plants Nenlv; MA Qun, cattle, sheep are also on the vast grassland began creeping, is a "Cangcang days, the vast field, wind and low grass see cattle and sheep" of grasslands Shengjing.

?? 1, traffic: Beijing (the People#39;s Republic) to Bashang Grasslands throughout more than 260 kilometers, or Xizhimen to Dongzhimen to Beijing by the long-distance truck Fengning, Fengning county Then transfer to the dam. About nine hours to two cars, one-way fare to be around 60 yuan. Getting There: from Dongzhimen, Zhaogong mouth, Maquan, Yongding Men, Xizhimen, the northern suburb of long-distance station, Mu Xiyuan, Jiulongshan, and other places every day Direct Fengning, Mr. North, Guyuan, The bus from the paddock several times.

?? 2, Lodging: There are numerous tourist resorts and hotels, recommended: Saibei compound, Tel :0314-8284664.