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Daluo port - XiShuangBanNaDaiZuZiZhiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kaitlyn  Date: 07-30 2008
Daluo in Menghai Xian southwest, and small Meng Rafah bordering Myanmar. "Daluo," Dai language, multi-ethnic intended for the ferry. Daluo border trade tourism development zones have built-border trade market, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, game rooms and other facilities. Luo Jiang, also known as the South
a Glance River, from east to west across the Daluo dam, the inflow of Myanmar. Luo Jiang fight, only Sanshiliuqian metres of the river in the town of Daluo, and the remaining sections in the multi-Myanmar bilateral boundary rivers.
Jiang on both sides of the two countries and Myanmar is the village,独树forest This is a big banyan tree formation of tourist attractions, about 900 years old. Luo Senlin
a landscape park is the main pillar of the Sino-Burmese 219, the National Song and Dance Arena, plastic-lam Xiaoshu Park, the Sino-Burmese trade malls, the Sino-Burmese Friendship Bridge City, and other entertainment and water sports.