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Sunning Hill Scopalia japonica maxin - ShaoYang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Amelia  Date: 07-28 2008

Langshan Mountain tourism resort in the new South County for more than 10 kilometers, the total area of about 100 square kilometers, has developed 60 scenic spots. Langshan mountain peaks is a typical Danxia landform, is one to Shuixiu, the mountains, the odd-known scenery treasure land. Langshan in this land, the processes of the Shilin community, the limestone cave complex, mysterious and beautiful canyon group to help Yi Jiang Liu, Danya constitutes a clear water of the natural landscape.

area has three Tianshengqiao; 10 Yixian Tian; have 10 different characteristics of the cave; eight longitudinal River throughout; more than 20 of the spectacular gorge; many The Qihuayicao, Zoushou birds. To summarize its big, in which more than 100 square kilometres of Danxia landform, the Zixia Tong Mountain, Luotuo Feng, Bajiao Zhai, under Jiang#39;s Mid-levels and help razed five scenic spots.

Zixia Tong Mountain area. This area includes Yuquan Si, 000 King slot, Shenxian Dong, Hong Wa Hill, and other 11 spots.
Yuquan Si was Southwest Hunan Buddhist shrines, temple temple next to the first generation Zen master tomb; Yuquan Si character door to a long 33 meters back to the stone canopy profile, two points from top to bottom, are tourist attractions, including the 000 King slot three points from top to bottom, with their own characteristics; Shen Xiandong in Niubi Walled Xiagu, about 200 meters deep, peculiar structure,幽深spectacular; Hong Wa Mountain Cliff for 700 meters, 100 meters high, the cave over the cliffs, the scene Millions. Zixia Qujingtongyou Tong Mountain is one of the Grand Canyon, an area of 100 acres and surrounded by reddish-brown of the cliffs, sunset Xie Zhao, reflecting 10,000 glowing rays, named after Ziqi linger. Legend has it that "Zixia live in this religious," which, with the clear bottom of the pond, storm water Ying Chi, Long drought water inexhaustible.

Luo Tuofeng area. This area includes Yixian Tian, Youhun holes, such as candles-13 spots.
Luo Tuofeng formed by the four Rock Hill, resembles a huge camel in finding companions, Yuankantouwei body, the clear outline. Yao and Yi Xiantian of confrontation. The early Qing Dynasty, Yi Xia Yang Kui hold high the banner of anti-Fuming, wanted by the Qing relocation, shelter here. Today he was still the 99 Shangtianti Zaocheng, Patriots and stone statues, also kept its peak. This is the Langshan Mountain-the highest point. Its East Peak to the south from the foot of a chisel-like, it is carved out of Guifushengong, known as the "no word Tianbei."

Qianfo Top soaring, the Provisional Juedingyaowang, far and near scenery, panoramic view. "Tianxiadiyi alley", is located in the depths of Niubi Walled clouds, Baizhang cliff, split the front line, more than 230 meters long, 0.8 meters Kuanjin. The world rare. Ring is also available in the vicinity of Shek Lane, Lane and other immortal. Happy Valley pool surrounded in the mountains, a width of more than 2 acres, water in the vicinity of cemeteries as a mirror, a natural pool Shitai, Yousi Diaoyutai. Ding Shan Shan Buddhist utmost to three, and 30 meters high from the Gap Fengzhong a waterfall with diarrhea, Fei Yu-splash, spray all, the setting sun Xie Zhao, a round after round of the Rainbow people as "288 practicing." Stand in Yixian Tian Canyon group in the immortal Law, more than 180 meters high, the first that included small, like a Shuotaiwupeng of pepper.
Luotuo Feng and candles in the peak of convergence, there is a meter long, 50 meters wide, only meters high, the side angle of 40 degrees on the gap, like the dragon mouth, extending toward the east, into the Chaoyang, Qixiangwanqian, referred to as "Longkou Chaoyang." Round-arch bridge meters long, 7.6 meters wide, 11 meters high, the deck of the seven meters thick, the thinnest rice, like Diaoqi from, this is the first Chinese Danxia landform flyover.

Ba Jiaozhai area. This area is the main peak Yuntaishan, and the adjoining Guangxi. Zheng-Rong
eight peaks soaring, commonly known as the eight leading. Haeundae peak for the peak of Yuntaishan. Yuntaishan boarded viewing, head towards the release, Dai arch northwest of Castle Peak, southwest of Kunsan Weiyi, the ups and downs, like a group of Jujing, Feiteng play, a whale known as the downtown. But as a group of north-east of the ancient castle and turn the compound wall, such as green water with the help Jiang Yi run through things.

Ba Jiaozhai the steep 3.10, Qiao Qi Feng Jian like the horns, is the famous "Long Kok Hong." Here perennial clouds, with the Shanfengnuhao, dangerous cliffs around the legislation, Fukaya Ruzhui. Long angle to the then ridgeline trails less than 5 inches wide, to hand-foot-and must be used, creeping forward. In this very odd risk of Qiaojiao top of a mountain god total of Xiaomiao. Another dangerous corner, known as "She Shenya." Ba Jiaozhai the south-west of the world-is known as the Canyon Group, Weiyi ups and downs of the gorge than the scales of the ladder, the size of more than 100 of the Qifengyishi拔地而起, magnificent, magnificent spectacular. Shi Feng-intensive group, there are green trees and more clear river loop, which interludes.

under the Mid-Levels area. District Shengjing cents from the bridges have five spots. Fu Yi Jiang
area. The district-General, such as beauty Shutou seven spots. Qingtian stone statue of General Yu-zhu, Fu Yi Jiang stands at the other side, where, for the new old-one of eight scenic spots, Jiuzhi "Langshan Wat air," Cao Ming Kui endowed with a poem cloud:
to Stubbs Furong large Tsui marks, rugged Qianchi door that day. Fu Yi Jiang
level such as palm, Peng Chu-Japan-North Korea Extreme.

course poems poor, but Fu Yi Jiang#39;s beautiful scenery, the world is a must. Along the stone as there are competing online, such as beauty Shutou, Chingchuankang drink giant elephant, tiger Yangtian and Asthma…… if boating Jiang, Jiang Liu such as band, winding between the Qifengyishi, Yanlanyuwu, bamboo Gaan, rolling like Baili The scenery long profile.