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Jiang floor lock - JiuJiang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Andrea  Date: 07-29 2008

lock floor tower in the city#39;s northern suburb of one kilometer east of the southern bank of Yangtze River. Here a group of the original ancient architecture, from Jiang#39;s days Suoyue floor (that is, lock Jiang House), Wenfeng Ta (that is, back to Long Tower), and four Tieniu, and many other ancillary construction component, is the only lock Jiang floor tower.

Lock Jiang House was built in the Ming dynasty Wanli 13 years (1558 AD). WU Xiu created by the governor of Jiujiang, which lasted 18 years before completion. Floor, then called Jiang days Suoyue floor, three floors high, casting around a four Tieniu; tower called Wenfeng Ta, the built-in back breakwater, said Gu Yu-back tower. Jiang lock for the stone floor, brick tower structure, the six-cone, a total of seven, 35 meters high. Each floor of Tower Qiaojiao canopies are suspended while a bronze Campanula. All construction for the ancient green thick brick. Very strong. Yankou on each floor, stone Dougong, a small tower murals overlooking empty niches and arches. Various floors of a tower ladder can be on top overlooking. Boarded the top arches and saw Kuang Lu Wei-wei, the Chutian Hao-hao, the surging Yangtze River, Jiujiang City Lili, as the ancients and their co-poem: "Wang Wu Chu poor in Trinidad, below the waves-Jiujiang." In the bottom of the east tower wall, is also a preservation of the Ming dynasty inscriptions, for Dehua surname of the person with respect to the Cibei for a long time, the storm Baptist loss, this text very difficult to identify. Legend has it Dayu flood control, have used the town water Tieniu, the next floor, casting a Tieniu 4. To promote the style of writing and South House, built in this Wenfeng Ta. Particularly worth mentioning that in June 1938, the Japanese invading army traced back Jiangxi, bursts of heavy artillery bombardment of Jiujiang. Jiang floor, locked in the gun tower several, including two bombs hole diameter of 3.5 meters, the tower tilted to the northeast. Tap the top distance from the centerline 75.5 cm, is still in Jiujiang L. Yangjiang first fully demonstrated China#39;s ancient craftsmen built tower of the extraordinary artistry.

Legend has it with this group of ancient buildings at the time of the flooding in Jiujiang often, when people were Jiangzhou raging Yangtze flood victims by, for the locked-flooding of the Yangtze River Zi Long, Yongbao Fengtiaoyushun, then pray to the gods , In only three meters away from the Yangtze River from the Rockies to build lock-Jiang floor, and a tower.

400 years ago this group of ancient buildings, towers Xiangying, Wei was spectacular. But four Tieniu Although surrounded the building, tower, and can not Zi-locked, on the contrary, this group of ancient buildings themselves have experienced numerous Qifengkuyu, repeated catastrophe. Ming Wanli 34 years (1606 AD) on August 7 night, the earthquake in Jiujiang, when the wind is a masterpiece, rainstorms Qingpen and the earth was moving, the river set off 7.30, Hachijo high, the cornerstone of the riverside rock collapse, lock Jiang House and crashed into two Tieniu Jiang, Jiang lock floor tower and another two Tieniu survived.

Qing Emperor Qianlong Emperor Jiaqing years, the lock#39;s floor and a tower Although the reconstruction and maintenance, but in 2003-Xianfeng (Year 1853), the Taiping army and fighting Qingjun in Jiujiang, floor, and two iron tower Niu was gunfire, Tieniu floor, and another destroyed, but the lock#39;s floor tower is still the same as Giants edge Jieran tower in the Yangtze River to the Long breakwater; June 1938, the Japanese aggressors the gunboat arrived in Jiujiang waters, see lock Jiang floor tower proudly standing before the pagoda fierce shelling. But as the indomitable national pagoda, the enemy#39;s fire-bombers not down, is still powerful to stand in the riverside, Nushi the enemy, the enemy has left no alternative but to leave the pagoda. But pagoda also left three bullet holes, the biggest one-meter square and 76 centimeters riverside tilt. Jiang floor tower lock the storm erosion, the baptism of war, earthquake Yaohan, since Kui-Ran still stands. It Xiongzi that the tall and straight, how unyielding as the heroic people of Jiujiang ah!

In order to save the ancient cultural buildings, the tower has been included in the provincial heritage conservation units, local people#39;s governments in the lock#39;s 400-floor tower anniversary of the establishment, restoration held a completion ceremony, blessing it in 400 years The vicissitudes of life changes, experienced suffering and not down, this also reflects China#39;s ancient architecture technology skills. The visitors boarded a tower, with emotion Liangshen, Fushi: "Miss air of a large tower head and asked Jiang Fang is the first floor of a few. Jinniu muddy but not for defending their territories, Shen Yuan-Tie-Suo can remain. Torrent How can a hero tears Waste-base long Consumers worry about the past. Another day cross the bridge falling, Jinzhao Merry Women#39;s son. "