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Grand View Garden - QingPuQu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Samuel  Date: 07-28 2008

countries AAAA-class tourist area, the Shanghai five-star Park - Grand View Garden, is based on classical Chinese novel "Dream of Red Mansions" moods, the use of traditional Chinese art practices in the construction of a major theme Park, an area of 135 mu, building area of about 8,000 square meters, Yihong Yuan, Xiao Xiangguan, Heng Wu Hospital, Daguan Lou, Daoxiang Village, Qiu Shuang vegetarian, Tsui: Long, Mu-Hui Tak, Shifang 20 More than the size attractions. The whole garden design skills, building grand, Tingtailouge, carved small router, Tsui Chuk Gu Mu, 10% Fun contrast, both the Royal Garden Jiangnan style and beautiful garden style. Indoor furniture and even the board couplets, Yicaoyimu, are in line with the "Dream of Red Mansions" in the personality characteristics and story from layout, and some luxury of wealth, some dignified and simple, and some apparatus are rare antiquities and treasures.

Grand View Garden surrounded about 1,934 acres of land, there are national cultural village, Meiyuan, Albatron tower, osmanthus Court, and other tourist attractions, yachts, boating hand, bamboo raft, laser Daqiang, archery, photography Guzhuang , And other entertainment projects, Grand View Garden Resort for holiday visitors.

launch of the Red Chamber annual Spring and Autumn Arts Festival, the Red Chamber Tourism Festival, and other large-scale performances, the Shanghai municipal tourism is an important content.

since the 1984 opening of the Shanghai Grand View Garden has received more than 1,600 million people at home and abroad, and has received the party and state leaders, foreign leaders, domestic and foreign dignitaries, won the appreciation of all parties, has won National Building Luban Jiang, Shanghai, the 40th anniversary of the top ten construction, the new top ten leisure attractions, the 50th anniversary of New China in Shanghai outstanding architecture, the 10 tourist attractions in Shanghai Garden, Shanghai 7 uncivilized Park, the State Ministry of Construction National Scenic Area advanced collectives.

"Modao Red Mansion is a dream, Yodogawa-built Grand View Garden." Grand View Garden covers an area of 1,300 mu, has been completed and the "Daguan Lou," "Xiaoxiang Guan", "Yi Hongyuan," "Daoxiang village", or gorgeous, or Puzhuo, or Qingyou, or elegant, everywhere Cao Xueqin reflected in "A Dream of Red Mansions" in the description of Charm and moods.

"…… How far do not go, you see towering worship,-story, four-lin He Bao Gong, remote-Ying Road trip. Qingsong that canopies, build around Magnolia; Jinhui Shoumian. Choi Chi-hwan, head. " The immediate Daguan Lou, and so, here is Yuanfeixingqin when the people of the pilgrimage, the main hall of the main building of two things, and is made up of Kam Fong Kok Court, three buildings linked to Youlang, and the two vestibular Wu phase grounding .

next stage is, Yuan Fei Yu Fortunately, when the concept of local opera. The entire complex optical flow-Choi, splendid. One faction of the emperor Dizhai momentum. Daguan Lou southeast, Lin Daiyu is living in "Xiaoxiang Guan", from the portal of entry along the tortuous Youlang by Liu Jiaoting can see that by linking the Daiyu parrot planes, crossed the river on the bridge, to be " A wind instrument to "Main Office. And Xue Baochai "Heng Wu Home" and the other is a Qingzhi, a hospital irrelevant flowers, the face of Taihu Dan Delicate nicely Concubine, easy to fish in the pond water. It can truly be said, "Heng Wu Man net Court, Broten help fragrance."

Grand View Park, "Yi Hongyuan," a group of construction. Juan entered the "Green Yihong fast," the board Yuan Men, the only deep-house re-homes, wealth and elegance. Yi Yun Xuan, a banana plant and Begonia. Westinghouse is very hot, Qingwen Yatou, such as shelter, housing East Jia Baoyu is the bedroom, brick inlay green flowers, birds bed Miaojin, grand and a little powder in the air. Middle Hall, housing the two things to Bi-Miao cabinet and Bogut apart. Today, not only here, the scenery is beautiful R intoxicated, will also delicious fish and vegetables dedicated to the visitors. Dianshan Lake Scenic Area in the east of the Commissioner of Temple, has opened up a swimming pool. Reed shaken the shore, a distance Shuitianyise, ranging from water body to have a happy.